Diploma Course - Chartering


Program Description

Chartering is Interesting. Amazing experience when negotiate and finalize multi-million Dollar International deals confidently.


» Terminology

  • Introduction
  • Shipping Terminology
  • Nautical Terms
  • Incoterms
  • Loadline
  • Tide Clock
  • World Ports

» Shipping Concepts

  • Modes Of transport
  • Container ships
  • Container/Containerisation
  • Current Shipping Environment
  • Baggage Rules
  • Anti-Dumping Laws & Regulations
  • ISPS Code
  • Major Sea Ports Of World

» Chartering

  • Charter Monthly Report
  • Chartering
  • Aircraft, Ship and Charter Forms
  • Requirements and Procedures for Obtaining Vessel Charters within NOAA
  • Charter Vessel Clearance and Reporting Procedures
  • Charter Policy
  • Final Draft
  • Complete Characteristics of the Tramp Market

» Foreign Trade Policy

  • Definitions
  • FTP
  • General provisions Regarding Import-Export
  • Plans 2012-17

» Laytime & Demurrage

  • Introduction
  • GENCON Charter Party
  • Fixture
  • Laytime Clauses
  • Liner terms
  • How to Work Out Available Laytime

» Banking – an Overview

  • Foreign Exchange Reserves
  • Forward Contract
  • International Banking
  • Objectives
  • Basics of International Marketing
  • Export Marketing
  • Global Marketing Strategies
  • Margin and Pricing Policy
  • Key elements of Export Contract
  • Negotiating Points
  • Refundable documents

» Marketing Concepts

  • Liasoning
  • Global Marketing Strategies

» Geography of Sea

  • Sea Transport
  • Canals
  • Major Ocean Routes
  • Inland Water Navigation in India

» Project


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Last updated Jan 2018

About the School

IOS was set up with a vision that supports the corporate world in the field of shipping, logistics & Foreign Trade which is constantly striving for properly trained personals and with a vision to ... Read More

IOS was set up with a vision that supports the corporate world in the field of shipping, logistics & Foreign Trade which is constantly striving for properly trained personals and with a vision to help students and working executives’ wishing to make a career in Chartering, Shipping, Warehousing, Logistics and Foreign Trade, International Marketing.IOS has a world of innovative teaching methodologies, integrated approach to develop student’s personality, the right atmosphere to build talent and an environment to nurture.We have complete confidence that all the young entrepreneurs who join this basic and essential program will have an added advantage over others and will have an important star under their belt. The editorials have the following basic aims and specifically and exclusively focus on the following:1.It escalates the Management Skills of aspiring executives and students through a systematic approach.2. Help in developing technical and analytical skills through a systematic approach in undertaking Export Marketing and Imports for a varied range of products.3. Developing skills in the field of International Marketing through a basic focus on client requirement and developing interpersonal PRs with Overseas Clients and Corporate Indian Sector.4. i) Learn while working or studying and acquire additional skills.ii) Distance learning adds an advantage of no traveling and boarding.iii) Get an accredited degree/diploma from universities recognized worldwide. You don't have to hamper your present occupation. Getting an online degree/diploma may even assist in increasing your career prospects.iv) Less expensive and affordable.v) The Institute Board believes that an investment in education is an investment in the future. From our earliest days, we have devoted ourselves to educational opportunity and achievement. We have championed innovation, equity, and excellence for generations of students. We are advocates for children and parents; we empower teachers and educators, and we are a strong presence in thousands of schools and communities across the country.vi) Our work falls broadly into four categories: Readiness, Connection, Success, and Advocacy. Read less