Design and Graphic Technology - Associate Degree


Program Description

Creative design professionals combine artistic abilities with technical knowledge to create designs used in print and electronic media. During your studies, you will create, maintain and present a professional portfolio showcasing your finest work. As a graduate of the Design and Graphic Technology program, you are positioned for a variety of careers including graphic designer, advertising specialist, digital print technician, publication designer, public relations professional, pre-press technician and web graphic designer.

Employment Potential

A graduate of this program will have the potential for employment in the following areas:

  • Desktop Publisher: produces professional publications using electronic publishing software, scans graphic images, places text and graphics files onto the page, and operates output devices.
  • Graphic Designer: develops advertising concepts and prepares art for the final presentations.
  • Advertising Assistant: works with the ad director or store manager to plan and prepare advertising for print, radio, and TV use.
  • Commercial Art Worker: prepares artwork and copy to be used in label production, package design, printed materials; prepares process separations; preflights electronic files; manages color control; and manages fonts.
  • Digital Print Technician: prepares computer files for variable data printing or produce print on demand applications.
  • Layout Designer: designs basic plans for print advertising, passes on work to a commercial artist or copywriter, and is responsible for final electronic files.
  • Printing Support Worker/Customer Service Representative: handles electronic and pre-press operations, making color separations, electronic scanning, image editing, and color proofing.
  • Public Relations Assistant: assists in public relations activities helping to produce brochures, press releases, displays, and newsletters; organizes and prepares materials for use in presentations.
  • Pre-Press Technician: prepares computer documents for printing; trapping, font usage, picture usage, color management, clipping paths, and placing high and low resolution graphics into document.
  • Website Designer: builds graphic elements for functional websites.

Requirements for Program Entry

- Completed application.

- High school transcript or equivalent.

- Ability to use computer keyboard.


  • 10-105-101 Career Planning
  • 10-111-101 Photoshop Fundamentals
  • 10-111-112 Graphic Design Fundamentals
  • 10-111-161 Digital Illustration
  • 10-801-136 English Composition 1
  • 10-809-103 Think Critically & Creatively
  • 10-890-101 College 101
  • 10-111-110 Photoshop Advanced
  • 10-111-125 Digital Layout & Composition 1
  • 10-111-126 Graphic Design Development
  • 10-111-165 Typography
  • 10-801-196 Oral/Interpersonal Comm
  • 10-809-199 Psychology Of Human Relations
  • 10-104-107 Marketing Comm-Integrated
  • 10-105-103 Career Preparation
  • 10-111-131 Graphic Design Project Mgmt
  • 10-111-143 Digital Layout & Composition 2
  • 10-204-110 Principles of Digital Printing
  • 10-804-123 Math w Business Apps
  • 10-809-196 Intro to Sociology
  • 10-111-130 Presentation Graphics
  • 10-111-144 Graphic Design Application
  • 10-111-199 Des/Graphic Career Experience
  • 10-204-124 Variable Data Publishing
  • 10-204-126 Digital Print Applications
  • 10-809-172 Intro to Diversity Studies

Program Outcomes

- Create client based graphic design solutions.

- Create and design graphic communications.

- Assemble and manage a professional portfolio.

- Select project appropriate software solutions.

- Select project appropriate output solutions.

- Design and produce web graphics.

- Complete practical field experience.

Study Abroad Opportunities

The International Studies staff continually seeks opportunities for students to travel abroad for educational experiences that may be offered in association with program courses. To find out more about which of your program courses may offer an opportunity during this academic year, contact your academic advisor.


Programs in the College of Business at Northeast WIsconsin Technical College are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). ACBSP's accreditation process follows the Baldridge model. The accreditation focuses on recognizing teaching excellence, determineing student outcomes, and a continuous improvement model. Institutions with programs accredited by ACBSP are committed to continuous improvement that ensures their business program will give students the skills employers want.

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Founded in 1912, NWTC is a nationally-ranked, two-year public college where students prepare for high-tech careers and begin their bachelor’s degrees. Last year, NWTC served over 32,000 students; 7,80 ... Read More

Founded in 1912, NWTC is a nationally-ranked, two-year public college where students prepare for high-tech careers and begin their bachelor’s degrees. Last year, NWTC served over 32,000 students; 7,800 students pursued degrees and diplomas and worked with over 1,100 businesses for contract training. Read less
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