A professional training of high level dedicated to the trades of the scene. Orchestra Pro organizes its training around three major artistic disciplines: singing, dancing and theater. It offers a unique curriculum by proposing to address the aspects of live performance that contribute to the production, exploitation and dissemination of a work.


over two years

Dance (18 hours)

Dance practice and technical apprenticeship

Classical Dance / Jazz Dance / Contemporary Dance / Urban Dance / Dance of the World / Improvisation Technique / Floor Bar / Functional Analysis of the Body in Danced Movement (AFCMD)

Theoretical knowledge

History of Dance / Choreographic Culture / Anatomy Course

Advanced technique

Improvement / Creation / Choreography / Classical Modern Jazz Contemporain

Preparation for auditions

Choreographic accompaniment and scenario

Singing (3 hours)

Voice Technique / Interpretation

Theater (3 hours)

Comedian Games / Actor Games

also included

Administrative trades of live performance

Direction / Production / Dissemination / Communication / Public Relations / Marketing / Ticketing / Reception

Technical trades

Technical Direction / Régie / Machinery / Structure / Lighting / Sound / Audiovisual / Video / Spectacle / Sets / Accessories / Costumes / Hairstyle / Makeup

Body and mind

Workshops: Mime / Clown / Puppets / Gestuel Theater / Sophrology / Yoga

Acquired skills

  • Master the form, the movement, the intention and the rhythm
  • Know and develop different dance practices
  • Know the technical elements of at least seven different types of dance
  • Know your body and know how to manage stress
  • Know how to prepare for an audition
  • Know and master the technical elements of interpretation
  • Know the experience of the stage and its technical environment
  • Have some notions of vocal technique
  • Have notions of acting and actor games
  • Know how to control your image and communicate your artistic universe
  • Know how to put your voice in professional recording condition
  • Understand the aspects of production, exploitation and diffusion of a live performance
  • Have notions related to the history of dance and music
  • Have a choreographic culture
  • Have notions of anatomy to better understand the moving body

Become a Singular Artist

"To dance is to question oneself, to go deep within oneself." *

The spirit of training

  • Offer versatility in the different dance practices
  • Master the four essential elements: form, movement, intention and rhythm
  • Deepening of the dancer-choreographer link
  • Mastery of the functional aspects of anatomy
  • Approach to improvisation and creation techniques

Pedagogical approach of the manager

Rémy's approach is based on knowledge and respect for his body.

It opens the mind of the student on the knowledge of anatomy, notions of weight and space to better understand each movement.

Listening, feeling, energies, are addressed in a permanent search for knowledge of the body and its movements.

Through an almost scienti fi c learning of dance, Rémy tries to bring the pupil to a fl uidity of his movements and an acquisition of beautiful lines. With a great rigor and a lot of requirement, he wants to bring the student to take pleasure above all.

Marie-Claude Pietragalla

Two Possibilities to Integrate Training

Acces Internship


  • In order to be pre-selected, the candidate must first send his CV and a letter of motivation to the following address: remy@orchestra-pro.com
  • On the day of the internship, he presents himself with his identity card and his summons.

Course schedule and schedule on 4 h 45:

  • 1 hour of bar - Classic
  • 1 hour of contemporary workshop
  • 1h30 of technical course in Modern, Modern'Jazz with variations
  • 1 hour of Hip-Hop class
  • 15 minutes of interview with the trainee

At the end of the internship, the pedagogical manager validates or not the admission of the trainee in the training course.

Orchestra is a member of the CNFPI, so the training offered can be financed by AFDAS-type organizations, for example.



  • In order to be pre-selected, the candidate must first send his CV, a motivation letter and a 2 minute video link on his work to the following address: remy@orchestra-pro.com

Procedure and duration of the hearing:

  • The candidate must present himself at least 45 minutes before the time of the audition, provided with his identity card, his summons, as well as his musical support on a USB key.
  • The average hearing lasts 2 hours with a classic bar and then a modern technical course with variations.
  • Each candidate then presents a free variation of 1 minute 30 at most.
  • Finally, he speaks with the jury for a maximum of 10 minutes.


The payment of the training is to be paid at the time of registration of the student. It is possible to pay in several times under conditions.

Two payment methods are available: check or cash.

The 2018-2019 rates are as follows:

  • Year 1: 5850 euros
  • Year 2: 5850 euros

Annual admission fee: 60 euros

Program taught in:
  • French

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This course is Campus based
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Oct 2019
2 years
11,820 EUR
5850 euros per year. Annual admission fee: 60 euros
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June 30, 2020
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