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DNA & Genealogy course

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DNA & Genealogy course | International Open Academy

Your past makes you and shapes you and your family. So have you ever been curious about?

  • Your roots and where you came from?
  • What did your family do throughout history?
  • If your family took part in any major historical events?
  • Whether you have a famous relative, or maybe even royal connections?
  • Why everyone on your Dad's side has the same nose and curly hair?

Do you wonder why you:

  • Look like you do?
  • Act in a certain manner?
  • Are prone to certain diseases, aches or pains?

You can unlock the door to your unique family story to find out the answers to all these and more when you study our DNA and Genealogy course. You’ll learn where to start digging to build the foundations of your family tree to properly understand your place in the world.

Understanding how DNA works can also prepare you for an interesting career choice, perhaps in solving crimes! Whether you’re looking for an interesting hobby, stories to entertain your children or searching for ideas to write a book, finding out about your heritage will be an extremely worthwhile investment of your time.

You never know, you may even come across an inheritance you knew nothing about! Start by finding out more about the curious world of DNA and genealogy.

What You'll Learn

By bringing the past to life, world history will be seen in a new and exciting light. You’ll find out about yourself, your family and their place in society.

You will be learning:

  • What DNA is and what it can tell you
  • How DNA is used by professionals and to solve crimes
  • How DNA can help you trace diseases
  • Why genealogy is important and how it will help you
  • Where to look for documents and interpret them to build your family history
  • Using public records and databases to speed up your search
  • The best ways to use the information to find relatives or uncover medical conditions

There are countless possibilities of how you can use this knowledge. Your family will love you for creating new anecdotes to share with them. You can even use this knowledge to help others with their genealogy. You can research other people’s history as part of a project or write a book or film script, for example. This fascinating subject opens so many doors to you. All you need is your imagination!

Who is this course for?

Anyone who loves solving puzzles can learn to unravel the secrets locked in historical documents or the techniques to talk to relatives and get the facts about who they are and where they come from.

Our course brings together the latest in science with history to guide you through the maze of DNA testing and reading old public records. Then you can put all the pieces together to create your own piece of history, which is exclusive to you and your family. It helps to create a sense of belonging, and it could open up a whole new world for you too.

Using the easy-to-follow modules, you will have learned the tools you need to find out about your grandparents, great grandparents, and ancestors even further back. Maybe your ancestors left the country of their birth. Do you know where they're from or why they moved? Would you like to retrace their steps and visit those countries or regions? The course opens up a whole new world of opportunities for you. By knowing your history, you can make positive decisions for your future. By understanding your personal history, you can help your children know their place in the world too.

Career path

After completing this course, you could:

  • Put together your family's history
  • Start a business putting together family trees and making genealogical searches for others
  • Delve further into genealogy
  • Awaken an interest in a career in DNA or Genealogy
  • Research and write history books, novels or movie scripts


International Open Academy courses are designed for anyone with an interest in learning. No formal qualifications are required to study with us. Our courses are suitable if you want to learn new skills, start a new career, or if you’re already working in a particular industry and wish to upgrade your talents and enhance your resume.


Receive your certificate in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Register

Follow the easy peasy enrollment process.

Step 2: Study

Absorb and remember course content with our easy-to-follow, structured information and helpful illustrations. And yes - you can study anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Step 3: Evaluations

Reinforce your learning with quizzes at the end of each module

Step 4: Certification

Once you’ve successfully completed your course and passed the exams, you’ll receive your certification. Congratulations on your amazing achievement!

Course Breakdown

Module 1: What Is DNA?

1.1 DNA - the building blocks of life

1.2 What your DNA could say about you

1.3 What is DNA testing?

1.4 How to understand DNA test results to help your research

1.5 How DNA helps the professionals at work

Module 2: What Can DNA Tell You?

2.1 Solving crimes with DNA

2.2 Using genetic genealogy to answer questions that records can’t

2.3 Tracing diseases and traits through DNA

2.4 Forensic Science, Anthropology and other DNA-based careers

Module 3: What Is Genealogy?

3.1 Introduction to Genealogy

3.2 Why is genealogy important?

3.3 What can you do with genealogy

3.4 Genealogy in the world of work

Module 4: Family Records

4.1 What can documents tell you about your roots?

4.2 How to interpret documents to build your family history

4.3 How to replace damaged or lost documents to see the complete picture

4.4 How to interview family members to get all the information you need

Module 5: Church & Public Records

5.1 Search for documents online to save time

5.2 Where to look for records to find old relatives

5.3 How to use large online databases to find information easily

5.4 How far back can you go?

Module 6: Creating Your Family Tree

6.1 Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together

6.2 Building your family tree so it makes sense

6.3 Best ways to share what you’ve created - and maybe learn more

6.4 Using the information to uncover medical conditions or trace your inheritance

6.5 Personalize historic events by knowing your family’s role in them

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