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Urban Planning

If you’re looking to continue your personal development with a multitude of study options either online or in a classroom, law courses are for you. Specific study topics typically include intellectual property, commercial law and regulatory theory.

An urban planning program can be an excellent way for students to learn all about the management of a city’s growth. It might include a wide variety of subjects ranging from zoning ordinances to economic development along with public policy, civil engineering, and funding requirements.

Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a sovereign state and a member state of the European Union. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. Spanish universities regulate access to their own degrees and they fix the academic fees. They can also offer unofficial postgraduate degrees. The capital city Madrid has possibly the largest number of bars per capita of any European city and a very active nightlife.

Being the 2nd largest city in Spain, Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia province. It has over 4 million inhabitants. It is a vibrant city that hosts thousands of tourists annually. It is home to university of Barcelona among others.

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Educational program: Open Thesis Fabrication

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC)
Campus Full time 16 weeks September 2017 Spain Barcelona

This program is for students and professionals who are interested in developing a specific research agenda in the field of digital design and fabrication, in an experimental environment that provides the spatial and technological means to execute it. [+]

Educational program: Open Thesis Fabrication


In design, architecture and many other disciplines, Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) fabrication equipment has given designers unprecedented means for executing formally challenging projects directly from the computer. By surpassing the limitations imposed by manufacturing systems based on standardization, the impact of these technologies has fundamentally challenged the paradigm of production, thus opening a wide field of research and experimentation practices and unimaginable design opportunities.In this new context, IAAC has been a leading academic institution  by incorporating these technologies as part of its research agenda and work environment with a Fab-Lab that is equipped with several large scale CNC machines (laser cutters, CNC Milling Machines, 3D printers, etc) and spaces for prototyping in a large industrial warehouse setting. Since its creation, IAAC’s potential for fabrication experiments has been largely explored, yet it was fully demonstrated with the development of the world-acknowledged 1:1 prototype of the Solar House (Solar Decathlon, 2010), which was entirely produced within its own facilities.With the intention to continue this agenda, in 2010 IAAC launched a 16-week intensive research program for individual participants called OPEN THESIS FABRICATION (OTF).... [-]