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A course delves into a specific area of study. The course may combine different instructional modules, such as tutorials, lectures and assessments. In many cases, courses provide students with additional qualifications and professional training.

What are courses in urban design? These courses teach students how to optimize land usage when it comes to planning communities in city environments. The coursework usually combines several disciplines, such as engineering, landscape design, city planning and architecture. The topics covered can include real estate economics, public policy, urban design theory and urban design history. Students may participate in field studies that involve finding solutions to real-life urban planning issues.

Urban design students usually possess good communication and analytical skills, which can help them succeed in their chosen professions. The organizational skills they develop are useful for structuring their personal lives.

Courses in urban design have different price structures. What students pay depends on several factors, such as supplies, course length and school location. For more information about costs, it’s best that prospective students contact the academic institutions.

A course in urban design can lead to diverse career paths. The profession offers individuals a lot of variety. There are employment opportunities available in the private and public sectors. Local, state and federal government often have a great demand for qualified job candidates. Individuals may work with engineering and architectural firms or technical, scientific and management consulting agencies. These specialists have job titles such as urban designer, urban planner and junior urban designer. With the increase in population growth, there is a healthy demand for professionals working in this field. 

Students have many options for studying urban design. Online courses are one learning module that gives students the convenience and flexibility they need to achieve their academic goals. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Extraordinary Course: Regeneration and Urban Design, On-Line. ... [+]

Extraordinary Course: Regeneration and Urban Design, On-Line.

Custom time and duration. 20 hours. 2 Credits. Cost: 90 € Ordinary Registration. 60 € University students.

Matriculation in University of Salamanca.

Certificate: Every two months will be issued an Official Diploma issued by the University of Salamanca.

Program Introduction to Urban Regeneration. Regulatory Aspects on Urban Regeneration. Case Study of Urban Regeneration. Perception and Urban Design. [-]
Spain Salamanca
September 2020
20 hours

A new interdisciplinary field of design, researching the transformations of architectural, urban/regional space of the emerging "information age", explores the dynamic in ... [+]

A new interdisciplinary field of design, researching the transformations of architectural, urban/regional space of the emerging "information age", explores the dynamic interaction of architecture/urbanism and the space of mass media and communication networks. It develops scenarios for the interplay of public urban and public media space.

The products of these alliances of urban/regional and media networks, of architectural and media space, are bastards: ambivalent spaces that are at the same time analog and digital, tactile and abstract, material and immaterial, expanding hyper-sensuality in the time- and placelessness of media flows. These hybrid spatial morphs act simultaneously in urban (local) and media (global) space and mediate between them, unfolding the undefined space between the local and the global, occupying the vacuum between local place and global space. Within the inversions of identity (communication), within the fluid ever-changing densities in the knitted networks, fused analogue/digital cultures are idensified.... [-]

Germany Cologne
October 2019