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Taking distance learning courses in UK is a great option for individuals seeking professional advancement and skills development. Distance learning is a viable and beneficial option for those that cannot commit to traditional classroom instruction and require flexibility in scheduling. Distance learning courses in UK combine online discussion groups, viewable lectures, video, online office hours, and simulations that enhance professional learning. These courses combine the newest adult learning methodologies with the latest in technological advancement.

The distance learning courses offered in UK cover a broad range of topics for many industries, such as leadership, accounting, and project management. Multiple study options are also available and professionals from many industries and sectors are partaking to reach further success. The distance learning courses in UK are offered from top-rated programs combining interactive methods with real world applications.

As the international market continues to grow and change, professional development is increasingly important. Taking distance learning courses in UK can help give individuals the availability, affordability, and accessibility needed for professional advancement. Browse the program options below to learn more!

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Specialist Paralegal Qualification in Residential Conveyancing in England & Wales

Central Law Training
Online Full time Part time Open Enrollment United Kingdom Glasgow

Property law has changed dramatically in recent years, with changes to the law in respect of the formation of a contract for the sale of land, the introduction of title guarantee, the new Land Registration Act and accompanying rules; and these changes have not finished with the proposals to extend electronic conveyancing and the likelihood of further developments with regards to land registration. [+]

Top Distance learning Course Studies in United Kingdom. This qualification reviews property law in the context of contract law for the sale of land, life guarantees and the new Land Registration Act. The course places an emphasis on the recent changes to property law in recent years, and provides up-to-date best practice. In order to effectively advise a client, paralegals must have wide and detailed knowledge of the subject matter. This course takes an A-Z approach in covering all aspects of property law, ensuring that you complete this course with a thorough understanding of property law regulations, and how they can relate to each client. This training course will include the following modules: Sources of Law, Capacity to Contract and Client Information Deduction of Title for Real Property Selling Real Property and Breach of Contract New Build Developments and Section 106 Agreements Requirements of Writing and Execution of Documentation Home Rights and Property Transactions Investigation of Title Land Registration Sale of Secure Tenancies, Powers of Attorney and Sale by Receiver Residential Flats - Long Leases Adverse Possession, Easements and Covenants Borrowing on Real Property Short-Term Residential Tenancies Insolvency Conveyancing Acquisition of a Business and Professional Negligence [-]

A2 English Course

Online Part time August 2017 United Kingdom Langley Marish UK Online

During this English course, you will interact with a range of characters through engaging activities and develop storylines of real-life situations utilising state-of-the-art speech. [+]

By the end of the A2 course, learners will be able to understand and speak sentences related to basic personal and family information as well as everyday tasks, such as simple information about travel and directions as well as: Understand sentences and common expressions related to basic personal and family information, shopping, where you live, jobs, your lifestyle, etc. Ask and answer questions in a conversation on a topic you know about. Learn to describe your personal background. Learn to speak in the present tense, describing where you are at the moment and asking for things that you need. Ask about everyday items in a shop and how to make purchases. Understand information about travel such as asking for and giving directions. Practise talking about jobs. Learn and use words and phrases for free time activities and weekend activities. Learn and use food and drink vocabulary in a café. Learn to describe places and holidays. Learn words to talk about people’s appearance, character and personality. Learn phrases for talking about education and studying. Learn vocabulary for asking for and giving directions. At the end of the Course you will be ready to prepare for the Cambridge English: Key (KET). In course instructions are provided in Spanish, Portuguese, English and Arabic. [-]

Waypoint Pilot Program - Oxford

CAE Oxford Aviation Academy
Campus or Online Full time August 2017 United Kingdom Oxford

CAE Oxford Aviation Academy's Waypoint Pilot Program introduces greater structure and integrity to the professional training modules of commercial pilot training. [+]

Top Distance learning Course Studies in United Kingdom. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy's Waypoint Pilot Program introduces greater structure and integrity to the professional training modules of commercial pilot training. The course itself combines the Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot's Licence (ME CPL), the Instrument Rating (IR) and the Multi-Crew Co-Operation (MCC) all in one package. An additional module - a Jet Orientation Course (JOC) is available as an optional extra. Course Overview: The Waypoint Pilot Program is completed in two stages the first at our fair weather base in Phoenix Arizona and the second in Oxford. Across the two stages you will complete: - ME CPL - ME CPL Skill Test - Instrument Rating - Multi Crew Co-operation - Jet Orientation Course (Optional) Enrolment Requirements: - Completion of the ATPL Theoretical Knowledge course of training (either Full-Time Classroom or Distance Learning course) and passing the 14 EASA examinations to a minimum competency standard set by CAE Oxford Aviation Academy in the Waypoint Entry Requirements - These can be done at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy - Achieve the minimum of 169 hours of total flight time, which must include 100 hours Pilot In Command (PIC) required to enrol upon our course of professional pilot training (MECPL). These 169 hours of total experience do not necessarily need to be achieved through CAE Oxford Aviation Academy. - Enrol upon and complete the professional flight training steps of the Waypoint Pilot Program [-]