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To learn more about a particular subject, students typically enroll in a course. This focused regimen of study usually includes activities and experiences relating to its subject with the purpose of familiarizing students with it.
What is a course in sustainability? This course explores business sustainability as a practice, theory and field of study. Students are typically given the opportunity to discuss, learn and develop their ideas of what sustainability is and how it can be applied to the business world to create products and brands that have long-term value. Course topics may include branding, marketing and environmental issues. Students may learn how to make informed decisions for business growth while taking into account global social, environmental and economic pressures.
As businesses and consumers become increasingly aware of global issues, focused knowledge of the topic can benefit students looking for new or higher employment opportunities. You can also enjoy and apply the training in sustainable living that the course may provide.
There are many factors that may determine the cost of such a course. To get a reliable estimate of the expenses, you may contact your institution and reach out to the admission office for more information.
A course in sustainability offers a solid base for a number of career options. Completion of a degree in a related field may further qualify students for work in sectors such as natural science management, health and safety engineering, environmental research, compliance auditing or independent consulting. You can apply your knowledge of environmentally-safe methods to ensure that professionals in other sectors comply with applicable standards. You may also develop your own operation to provide clients with independent advice regarding their work and sustainable practices.
At some schools, courses in sustainability and related degree programs are offered through a study program online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Spring Program: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

National Taiwan University College of Management
Campus Full time 3 weeks March 2017 Taiwan Taipei

National Taiwan University’s Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Spring Program is a three-week program taught in English offered by the College of Management and provides students with a unique and exciting opportunity to study and learn in Taiwan. [+]

Best Course Studies in Sustainability 2017. Program Overview National Taiwan University’s Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Spring Program is a three-week program taught in English offered by the College of Management and provides students with a unique and exciting opportunity to study and learn in Taiwan. Students will obtain business knowledge and explore Asian economic trends as well as experience the management practices in Greater China. The program aims to help students turn theory into practice, ambition into purpose, and potential into achievement. Courses Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from an Asian Perspective (2 Credits) Innovation management can include a variety of topics. In this course, we will focus on the most recent trends in three key areas – exploring human value, formulating business strategy, and developing technology platform for innovation. The course utilizes lectures, case studies, group exercises, guest speeches, company visits, and a group project to facilitate learning. Through taking this course, students are expected to achieve the following two goals: To develop a basic understanding of innovation management and relevant functional fields in business administration; To acquire knowledge and hand-on experience on how to explore human value, how to formulate business strategy, and how to develop technology platform for innovation management and entrepreneurship. *Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive an academic transcript. If you wish to have your credits approved, please consult with your home institution in advance. Core Classes Module 1: Product Innovation & Opportunity Identification Module 2: Leadership & Sustainable Entrepreneurship Module 3: Value Chain Innovation & Platform Strategy Course Wrap-Up Outdoor Getaway and Activities To supplement learning in class lectures, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Spring Program has designed a number of off-campus activities, including cultural events and field trips. In addition, students will also visit quite a few famous Taiwanese Enterprises. Convenient Location in the Heart of Taipei NTU is located in the heart of Taipei and is convenient for students to make the most of their spring in the capital of Taiwan. Taipei is a vibrant metropolis characterized by its friendly people and safe streets. With its classy malls, chic boutiques, stylish restaurants and cafes and cultural events, Taipei is a fascinating place to visit and live and offers a wide range of opportunities and activities for students. All-Inclusive Program Fee The program fee includes tuition, lecture materials, airport transportation service, orientation, accommodation, cultural events, company visits and field trips. The fee does not include international transportation to Taipei, Taiwan. Students will need to make their own arrangements. Who May Apply International students (including overseas Chinese) currently studying at a domestic or international university and college graduates are eligible to apply. Incoming exchange/degree students at NTU are also welcome to apply. Applicants must be able to provide college transcripts or proof of current/past college enrollment. Application is first-come first-served and we will not accept any more students when the program has reached its limit. English Language Requirement Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Spring Program courses are conducted in English. Students whose first language is not English should have at least an intermediate or above level of English proficiency. Contact Us Ms. Thera Tu Email: Ms. Cola Sung Email: Duration & Price This course is Campus Based Start Date: March 7, 2017 Duration: 3 weeks [-]

Course Change Management: The Project Manager To Change Manager

laSalle Barcelona Postgraduate
Campus Full time September 2017 Spain Barcelona

Sustainable success of any business initiative involves changes. Managing these changes is a key leadership competency for any manager. [+]

Sustainable success of any business initiative involves changes. Managing these changes is a key leadership competency for any manager. Understand the magnitude of change required, have the ability to create the roadmap to realize the desired change and how to manage the process of change, are essential to the success of any initiative of this kind. This course takes a holistic approach that teaches participants how to design and implement a program of change and how to integrate this program into the organization that is changing and you have to cope with cultural change. The program will also address the emotions and feelings that involves the change in people and equipment. Participants will be given the opportunity to grow professionally and personally. Professional growth will take place through learning and applying a systematic approach to change, since the creation of the desired level of urgency in an organization to the successful implementation of change through a holistic approach inclusive. Personal growth will take place involving participants in a process of understanding one's emotions and situational context, which helps manage the feelings and motivations of their own and others during changes, directing its actions towards positive results. What do you prepare? After completing the course students will be able to: Knowing the management models used most relevant today (Kotter, Prosci) change. Identify the steps necessary to become leaders of change. Understanding the keys to being a good partner of change manager. - Adapt to internalize the changes and turn them into personal opportunities. Learning methodology based on: conceptual sessions and case studies. Role-play situations change management. To whom it May concern? Project managers. Members of project teams. Leaders change. Professional change management. Specialists continuous improvement. IT professionals. Human resources managers. Organizational development professionals. Admission One of the key development Program Masters in La Salle factors are the people who join the program: selected people responding to criteria curriculum, according to academic, functional, sectoral and geographical dimensions that foster the enrichment of the collective. The admission process in La Salle aims to select the most suitable candidates for each program and to ensure the level and quality of coexistence and communication between participants, which is a distinctive feature of the style of La Salle. The admission process for the academic year is now open and the candidates who begin the process as soon as possible because the admissions period remains open until all seats limit established for each academic program is recommended. Cost and Financing: Request information and send you a complete dossier with information on resources, banks and associates. Scholarships and grants: Request information and receive Programs Scholarships and Grants. [-]