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Students can begin taking courses after graduating from high school. Colleges and universities offer courses to help students gain professional training or advanced knowledge in a specialized subject.

What are courses in sewing? These courses provide students with the skills needed to create garments. They may cover a range of topics, including sewing machine function and features, pattern instructions and fabric choices. Participants often learn how to stitch garments together, choose the right sizes and fit patterns to any body size. A segment of the coursework could involve completing a wardrobe project from beginning to end. Possible projects include sewing blouses, shirts, fitted skirts and jackets. During this hands-on experience, students often perform tasks such as adding buttonholes, buttons, collars, cuffs and zippers. A few tools that are commonly used are pins, fabric scissors, metric rulers and thread.     

Sewing students tend to master basic skills such as stay stitching and pressing, which are valuable for anyone seeking work in a fabric-related industry. The ability to use a tape measure can also help students construct their own custom-fit clothing.

Courses in sewing are available globally. What schools charge for tuition and fees vary. It’s recommend that prospective students compare enrollment fees when researching academic institutions.

Sewing courses can lead to work within a variety of industries. The biggest employers are manufacturers of apparel, household furniture and institutional furniture. Textile production and textile furnishing mills are also major employers. Typically, the daily work involves mending, altering and creating fabric goods or clothing. Sewers are often required to perform tasks such as fixing stitches or adding buttonholes. The positions these professionals hold include sewing machine operator, upholsterer, customer sewer, dressmaker and tailor.   

There are many academic institutions offering courses in sewing. Students have the option of completing their coursework online as an alternative learning module. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Course - Pattern making sewing, basic

First Media Professional Learning Centre
Campus Full-time 24 hours August 2020 Singapore

The Patternmaking short course is designed to give students the skills to create patterns in a range of different styles to fit various sizes. Students will learn how to create standard ‘block patterns’ and manipulate them to specific size and measurements

Course: Sewing - Online Lessons

University of Fashion - Online Fashion Design School
Online Full-time Part-time Open Enrollment USA New York

Sewing is one of the most critical disciplines in fashion design. Our sewing video lessons cover everything from learning how to thread a sewing machine to learn how to sew one of the most challenging materials of all, leather.