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Law courses explore such ubiquitous topics as commercial law, regulatory theory and intellectual property, to name a few. Many of these specializations entail coursework that discusses regulatory problems and trends involved in their specific industry.

A master’s of sales degree will teach you top sales techniques both new and old. These techniques will improve your sales ability and allow you to market yourself more effectively. With this course, you can work in internationally recognized companies.

Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is a unitary parliamentary republic within the European Union, located in Southern Europe. To the north, it borders France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia along the Alps.

Top Course Studies in Sales in Italy 2017

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Film Business Management, Deal-making, Marketing & Sales

European School of Economics
Campus Full time Open Enrollment Italy Rome

With all its lights and shadows, the film industry remains one of the strongest sectors worldwide, and it is arguably the most influential. The aim of the course is to equip students with the fundaments of filmmaking and will accomplish a solid foundation upon which you may grow in any direction. Once there, the course will help you choose your area of interest and will provide you with the proper tools to specialize. [+]

Best Courses in Sales in Italy 2017. In terms of raw figures, the film industry is one of the biggest sources of income for the US, and film studies are offered in hundreds of colleges and universities around the world. Our Short Course provides the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to enter the Film Business, along with the benefits of studying in an international environment. All that plus the experience of spending 3 months in the Eternal City. Start living "La dolce vita" now! The Programme comprises 4 modules and 1 workshop. Each module entails one 3-Hrs session per week over 10 weeks, plus an optional 3-month internship programme upon completion of all modules. The modules we are offering are: - The Movie Business: Strategy & Management - Introduction to Accounting & Finance - International Marketing - International Strategic Management - Legal and Film Business Contracts workshop Internship: Available; Students must be considered eligible for taking an internship (submit a resume, [-]

Training Of Customer Sales Advisors

Campus Full time 4 days October 2017 Italy Rome Milan Gazzada Amelia Location of Choice + 4 more

Sellers Customer Training Consultants - Research and approach to potential new customers including telemarketing and networking, capacity building and development analysis of the relevance and urgency of the needs of the customer. [+]

Goals - Training of the Customer Advisors Sellers

- Selling products and / or Services and / or projects with more customer value.

- Put in motion the desire to upgrade in the Elderly Sellers.

- Create a mindset of continuous improvement on young and old.


Salespeople and sales managers older and younger possibly divided into homogeneous groups.

Companies that sell products, services or projects that require the involvement of the customer more figures to make complex decisions.

Content key

Research and approach to potential new customers including telemarketing and networking. Development of capacity analysis and development of the relevance and urgency of the needs of the customer. A selection of unique selling points are most suitable and competitive in relation to the needs expressed and adoption of best way of demonstrating the value of features. Demonstration of benefit in meeting the needs with our offer. Overcoming objections and closing the sale, by negotiation if necessary. After-sales service and reference for new clients. ... [-]