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Risk Management

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Risk management is a field that involves the identification, analysis and treatment of losses and potential risks in a business. Students in this program learn to monitor risk and predict difficult situations in order to mitigate the effects of loss.

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Financial Risk Management Workshop

Campus 5 days Open Enrollment United Kingdom London

Business ventures are always at risk – such risk can include decision making risks, estimation and planning risks, process and procedures etc. Obviously one risk is fraud or other types of misuse of business resources. [+]

*Identify the various kinds of business assets,

*Describe the structure and elements of an internal control system,

*Identify business possible risks and initiate plans to manage them properly

*Develop asset control activities,

*Explain how to implement asset control activities effectively.


Project Risk Management

Campus 3 days Open Enrollment United Kingdom London

This course focuses on improving the project manager’s risk management expertise, from initial planning through project closure. Participants will apply all course principles to a work-related case study taken directly from their work environment. At course completion, students will be able to identify, analyze, respond to, and control project risks. [+]

*Develop project risk management plans

*Identify project scope risks

*Predict project schedule risks

*Examine project resource risks

*Apply quantitative and qualitative risk assessments

*Plan strategies for negative and positive risks

*Devise metrics to monitor and control project risks


Course in Credit Risk Management

London Business School
Campus Part time 5 days August 2018 United Kingdom London

Provide with the overview of credit risk market and practical application of modelling techniques. [+]

Programme overview

Providing insight and applications essential to the informed practitioner

Combining technical depth with real-world relevance, the programme has been designed to provide participants with a balanced overview of the credit risk market, the instruments traded and the practical application of modelling techniques.

Credit Risk Management presents an in-depth understanding of credit risk and credit related instruments, and hands on experience in using data and models to assess credit risk to value the associated derivatives.

It aims to provide a balance between developing, on one hand, a sound conceptual framework and, on the other, market understanding and insight.... [-]