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Quantitative Finance

Courses provide students with the opportunity to study a particular topic that is much narrower than the broad subject matter of their chosen curriculum. In many circumstances, completion of a course leads to certain qualifications that supplement a graduate degree or enhance career opportunities. These programs often consist of lectures, assessments, and tutorial experiences led by experienced instructors or industry leaders.

What is a course in quantitative finance? These programs are often used as continuing education opportunities by professionals already established in their chosen career. Class topics could include derivatives, equity investments, quantitative methods, risk management, and portfolio management. This field of applied mathematics covers the principles used in financial markets. These principles support accurate asset pricing and allocation, investment portfolio analysis, and the quantification of statistical parameters.

There are several benefits available to those participating in the course. These include access to industry leaders and experienced instructors, hands-on training with certain methodologies, and the development of managerial abilities. Professionals who use the course to expand their skills and understanding are able to improve their performance at work.

The cost of participation in one of these courses can vary quite a bit from one school to another. This is especially true as educational establishments around the world offer the courses. Interested individuals should directly contact schools for accurate information.

The career opportunities for graduates of this program may include job titles such as quantitative analyst, forecaster, trader, investment analyst, financial engineer, and quantitative developer. There are job positions with investment management companies, consulting companies, regulatory bodies, government agencies, and investment banks. Those with the necessary qualifications may influence the development of hedge funds or work for energy companies.

If you are ready to get started, review the possibilities in the program listing and fill out the appropriate lead forms for access to specific schools. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Programa Avanzado de Especializacion en Analisis Tecnico y Cuantitativo

IEB - Instituto De Estudios Bursátiles
Campus Part time 108 hours March 2018 Spain Madrid

El Programa Avanzado de Especialización en Análisis Técnico y Cuantitativo es presencial y se imparte en Madrid y tiene un precio de 3.300 euros [+]

Programa Avanzado de Especializacion en Analisis Tecnico y Cuantitativo

El Programa Avanzado de Especialización en Análisis Técnico y Cuantitativo es presencial y se imparte en Madrid y tiene un precio de 3.300 euros.


El grado de sofisticación alcanzado por los mercados financieros a lo largo de esta última década ha llevado aparejado un notable desarrollo de las herramientas de análisis y predicción de mercado.

En este sentido, el análisis gráfico y cuantitativo ha pasado a desempeñar un papel fundamental y se ha convertido en una herramienta clave para la toma de decisiones de mercado en el corto y medio plazo. Es este el motivo por el cual Options & Futures Institute / IEB, lanza una nueva edición del “Programa Avanzado de Especialización en Análisis Técnico y Cuantitativo”, cuyo objetivo es el de profundizar en el conocimiento y manejo de las principales herramientas del análisis gráfico, incidiendo de forma especial en su implantación en los mercados financieros, así como la introducción al uso de Sistemas Automáticos de Trading y la aplicación del Análisis Técnico a la operativa con derivados.... [-]