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Political Economy

An academic course provides advanced instruction in a specialized subject. Some courses are designed to fill educational gaps between secondary school and college. Other programs target professionals who need training in a specific aspect of their field.

What is a course in political economy? Political economy explores the relationship between governmental policy and economic matters. All levels of government are discussed to develop an understanding of the effects of political actions on local and regional economies. Students discuss how law, customs, and the distribution of national income and wealth affect trade and production. Instruction includes the impact of political forces on economic policies in both high-income states and developing nations. Emphasis is placed on research and analytical skills.

Benefits of the course can be seen on both a personal and professional level. The gaining of specialized knowledge increases marketability and opens doors to career advancement and new opportunities. In addition, students can realize individual growth through the development of analytical and critical thinking abilities. Applying these skills to personal challenges and goals can improve the quality of life.

The cost of taking a political economy course can vary greatly based on the location of the school and the academic requirements. Programs are available worldwide, offering a variety of choices in curriculum and duration. By researching their options, students can determine which opportunity is best for their needs and goals.

Political economists are in demand in many areas, including business, science, law and education. Businesses seek forecasters, consultants, trade specialists, operations officers and financial managers. The legal field offers positions such as legislative lobbyists and foreign policy specialists. Organizations need professionals to act as advocates in advancing their cause. The fields of science and education provide additional opportunities for research and analysis.

To step into a challenging career that helps shape public policies and develop new business strategies, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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