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Students who enroll in and complete a course can expect to receive concentrated instruction in a particular subject. An individual typically needs to be at least eighteen years of age to qualify. Courses can take several months to several years.

What is a course in natural sciences in Brazil? This type of course focuses on the study of the natural world and can include studies in the differences of specific ecosystems, including savannahs and rainforests; sustainability, environmental problems and conflicts, and the history of forest devastation, among others. The relationship of the natural world to society including issues of development and strategies to deal with diverging interests is also typically included in this type of course.

Numerous benefits are obtained from a course in natural sciences. Building upon an existing interest in the natural world, this type of education prepares students for a future in the sciences and gives individuals particular knowledge about ecological diversity and the importance of respect for the environment.

Courses can be found in this type of study in a number of different locations. When you locate particular courses that interest you, contact the administrative offices about fees because costs will vary from one school to another.

A course in natural sciences in Brazil provides valuable education that can lead to many opportunities for jobs, from environmental scientists with a specialization in sustainability, to researchers in the rainforests. Students can also take a path in education or strive to work with government agencies. There are diverse problems to be solved in the natural sciences, anything from resource issues, to growing human populations and their effects on the earth, to environmental degradation.

A number of these courses are offered in a variety of locations presenting specialized curriculum. Choose which ones are best for you, then search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Other options within this field of study:

At the end of the module, the students should be able to: Understand the role of nature and society issues in shaping Brazilian History.
 Have acquired basic knowledge ab ... [+]

Course - Environmental Story and Nature in Brazil


At the end of the module, the students should be able to:

Understand the role of nature and society issues in shaping Brazilian History.
 Have acquired basic knowledge about the different Brazilian ecosystems. Understand the basic characteristics about Brazilian Savannas and Rainforest, and recognize the differences between them.
 Understand how different natural and demographic factors may shape the History of forest devastation.
 Understand the concept of sustainable development and the different ways through which it may be accomplished.
 Understand the processes that may drive development policies to cause environmental conflicts and how these conflicts may be dealt with both from preventive and restorative perspectives. Understand the interactions between Health and Environment in tropical settings. Understand the specific Health issues affecting riverside populations living near the riverside in the Amazon. ... [-]
Brazil Ipameri
March 2020
3 weeks