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Museology is the study of contemporary issues and systems relating to the operation of museums. Students enrolled in Museology courses have a deep and enduring interest in museums. Museology courses can provide essential professional development for individuals working in the industry, or valuable qualifications for those desiring to enter the competitive field.

Museology courses can impart the key knowledge and skills needed to succeed in museum career paths for future curators, museum directors, patron or visitor services coordinators, art installers, restorers and preservation of artifact experts, designers, management, purchasers and traders. Museology courses can last anywhere from a few days to a year. Some Museology courses are offered on a part time schedule, while others are full time. Potential students have a variety of courses, specializations and academic institutions to choose from when seeking out the ideal Museology course. Qualified, experienced professors encourage students to also share their own thoughts, experience and insights in the classroom. 

If a course in Museology at an accredited university is just what you need to satisfy your academic or personal aspirations, simply scroll down and read more about your opportunities around the world, today!

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Advanced Study Program in Event and Museum Curator

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Rome
Campus Full time 7 months March 2018 Italy Rome

The course in Event and Museum Curator aims at giving the required tools necessary to organize both exhibition events and performing events (video exhibitions, audio exhibitions, online exhibitions, multi-media exhibitions, urban and public art events). Contemporary Art Curator has also managerial, organizational and conservative skills with reference to the contemporary works of art. He can work on long lasting projects or on the organization of temporary events dedicated to contemporary art or on performing show requested by public or private customers. [+]

Best Course Studies in Museology 2017. THIS PROGRAM IS TAUGHT IN ITALIAN Aimed at: The Course in Event and Museum Curator is addressed to Graduates and final-year university students in Art and Humanistic Sciences who followed an Art or Show course of study, Communication Science, Cultural Heritage, Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture. Professionals with a proven experience in a field concerning the subjects of the Master course The Course in Event and Museum Curator pathway will be characterized by a teaching methodology that will constantly alternate theory and practice. From this point of view, the course will include two kinds of teaching: a basic course, constantly supported by different tutors and a series of experts working at important institutions - European and international, public and private - who will talk about their work experience. The teaching methodology of the Course in Event and Museum Curator includes also guided tours in Museums, Collections, Libraries, Video libraries or Media libraries. [-]

Marist-LdM Experience (for Visiting Students)

Marist College - Italy
Campus Full time August 2017 Italy Florence

Italy is one of the most amazing study environments in the world and has been a popular destination for study abroad for many years. The combination of renaissance wonders amid a thriving modern Italian culture and creative arts has [+]

Italy is one of the most amazing study environments in the world and has been a popular destination for study abroad for many years. The combination of renaissance wonders amid a thriving modern Italian culture and creative arts has been enjoyed by Marist undergraduates for over 15 years. Several years ago Marist extended its program to include students visiting from other colleges and universities around the world. The Marist-LdM Experience has been designed with a special remote pre-departure program that helps students in all locations prepare for their study abroad experience. All Marist Students have access to the vast resources of Italian life: museums, festivals, music, opera, and an unrivaled architectural history. Students enrolled in the Marist-LdM Experience are able to select from a series of special excursions and events are offered to encourage cultural immersion and foster travel opportunities giving students an opportunity to see more of Italy. Students may choose Florence, Rome, Tuscania, Venice or the 3 Cities program where students travel to three cities in the course of the semester. ADMISSION GUIDELINES To apply to the Marist-LdM Experience applicants must meet the following criteria: - Minimum grade point average 2.8 - Matriculated status at a US college or university - Good academic and disciplinary standing - Display maturity and responsibility in social conduct - Be healthy both physically and emotionally - Complete and submit the MLE application in full prior to the application deadline DEADLINES - Deadlines for the Marist-LdM Experience are as follows: - Fall Semester... [-]