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A course is a path of study that often takes between six months and two years to complete, and involves intensive learning in the discipline of the student's choice. Upon graduation of a course program, a student can opt to seek entry-level work or pursue higher education for a more specialized career in the field.

What is a course in Molecular Sciences? Molecular sciences courses are designed to introduce students to the theory and skills needed to excel in the research laboratory setting. These courses are generally very focused on hard scientific knowledge, particularly molecular biology, microbiology and genetics. Students will be taught proper laboratory procedure, such as how to effectively use the micropipettor and centrifuge. Given the complexity of the coursework, many programs have fairly advanced prerequisite courses. Be sure to look into the requirements of any program you consider.

One advantage to taking a course in Molecular Sciences is the great amount of learning and technical skill that students gain over such a short amount of time. For a fairly small time investment, students gain a significant amount of experience and expertise working with cutting edge technology.

Tuition and enrollment fees are different for each course. The size and location of a school are often factors in determining the course costs. If you have questions regarding a program's cost, get in contact with the school's admissions office.

A course in Molecular Sciences can bring students closer to a number of challenging and rewarding careers. Today, the fastest-growing area of employment for graduates of molecular sciences programs is the field of biotechnology. Within this field, graduates can go on to become lab technicians, research scientists and bioengineers in one of the most promising and varied sectors of scientific research currently available. Here, students can take part in medical research and bioengineering projects that will ultimately have a profound impact on society at large.

Overall, molecular sciences is an exciting field, and taking a course is perhaps the best way to break into it. If you are interested in finding a course and beginning the application process, be sure to use our useful database of international courses. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Umeå University - Faculty of Science and Technology

The separate courses include lectures, seminars, and practical laboratory work. The Cellbiology course comprises comprehensive theoretical knowledge of the most central p ... [+]

Cellbiology, Animal and Plant Physiology

The separate courses includes lectures, seminars, and practical laboratory work. The Cellbiology course comprises comprehensive theoretical knowledge of the most central parts of modern Molecular Cell Biology. The course also covers the concept of malignant cell growth and provides examples of molecular mechanisms behind tumor progression. The Animal and Plant Physiology course focus on multicellular animals and vascular plants. Different organism levels, from molecular to physiological, are integrated. Structure and function of animal organ and organ systems are considered in the following context; circulation, respiration, nervous systems, endocrine systems, excretion, nutrition, and developmental biology. Concerning plants there is special emphasis on photosynthesis, cell walls, anatomy, growth and flowering.... [-]

Sweden Umeå Skellefteå
January 2020
19 weeks