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Universities and colleges set their own admission requirements for higher education courses, so they vary broadly. Depending on the course, students may be able to get into higher education with a range of qualifications. If you're applying to do a course, you may find that work experience is taken into consideration alongside any qualifications you have. Some higher education institutes and colleges offer courses as preparation for a certain type of degrees. They usually don't result in separate criteria as they simply qualify you to enter the degree program itself. Courses can be taught in a broad selection of fields of study.

Marketing studies can help students learn about different aspects involved with the field of product and service promotion. Topics may include strategy development, economics, trends, pricing and target audience identification.

Mexico is one of the most popular tourist countries on the planet. The country has both tropical and temperate zones giving students the best time here. If you wish to study for your course in the National Autonomous University of Mexico, it will be a brilliant life with much entertainment in the country as well.

Mexico city is the largest city and the capital of Mexico. It also has the largest number of universities in the country including UNAM which is one of the oldest universities in the continent. It an ideal place to get higher education at affordable costs.

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Tecnológico de Monterrey (Educación Continua Presencial)

The objective of this program is to apply a strategic communication model that allows you to achieve your goals in each conversation and / or sale of projects, presentati ... [+]


Apply a strategic communication model that allows you to achieve your goals in each conversation and / or sale of projects, presentation of results and sale of products or services, based on a model of logical and emotional communication.

Benefits of the programYou will acquire knowledge that will allow you to improve your communication skills.You can transmit content that is difficult to explain, in such a way that the recipient perceives it as easy and understands its reason for being and / or usefulness.You will acquire a communication model that will make it easier for your audience to connect and get involved by understanding the value of the information received.You can develop conversations, messages, presentations, among others, with the exact content and the level of relevance necessary to take the recipient to the desired objective.You can develop visually memorable presentations, both to present results and to sell a new project.Addressed to... [-]
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