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Marine Technology

Ship design, hydrodynamics, navigation, ship operations, oil and gas exploration, offshore resources, transport logistics and economics are some areas these Marine Technology courses may focus on. To work within one of the five key areas of the marine science industry, that is, instrumentation, services, research, materials or design, Marine Technology courses will be requisite.

Marine Technology courses have an extensive number of practical applications all over the world. In fact, the highly mobile nature of many marine science applications is one aspect that makes Marine Technology courses internationally significant. Many Marine Technology courses will reference and work closely with professional associations, which have partnerships with academic institutions, providing students with an opportunity for practical application of skills, professional development, and a well-rounded education.

Whether you are interested in obtaining higher qualifications within your field related to Marine technology, or you are just starting out on a career in marine or naval industries, these Marine Technology courses can be of interest to you. Scroll down to read more about Marine Technology courses and request information, today!

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