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Manufacturing Leadership

When ideas take shape, new consumer products are created, but maintaining a competitive edge in the market often requires the expert use of manufacturing tools and techniques. Business professionals benefit from the training they receive from a course in manufacturing leadership.

What is a course in manufacturing leadership? These classes are often offered by colleges and universities as part of a business education program. Courses may be designed as an area of specialization or as a requirement for a certification or degree program. Topics of study focus on the issues faced by the manufacturing industry and include procedural development, cost control, government regulations, and environmental concerns. Students learn about alternative and sustainable means of production and become familiar with standard practices and theories.

In addition to developing analytical thinking, leadership and communication skills, students come to understand the relationship between the technological tools of manufacturing and the highly specialized skills of professional labor. They are able to evaluate production methods and create plans for meeting cost requirements and build schedules. They learn how to motivate their staff and coordinate the efforts of different departments within an organization to produce meaningful results.

The costs of these classes depend on the rates offered by the university or college the student chooses to attend. Interested parties should contact the admissions departments of their institutions for specific fee and tuition details.

Graduates who have participated in a course in manufacturing leadership are prepared to assume managerial roles in a variety of industrial occupations. Aerospace, automotive, medical, and tool manufacturers regularly hire these professionals. Those who continue their studies and receive advance degrees go on to become senior level executives in manufacturing firms. With their detailed understanding of the manufacturing environment, some become auditors, consultants or analysts. Work may also be found in government regulatory agencies.

It is important to consider all educational options before making a decision. Traditional classroom style courses are available as well as internet based distance learning programs. International students and working professionals may benefit from the flexibility offered by online course work. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Production Optimization (refa)

IPM Business school
Campus Part time 80 hours October 2017 Belarus Minsk

The program is intended for: production managers of all levels: production managers and workshops, site managers and masters, specialists of technological and production services, departments of organization, planning, preparation of production. [+]

Best Course Studies in Manufacturing Leadership 2017/2018. The program is designed for: Production managers of all levels: production managers and workshops, site managers and masters, specialists of technological and production services, departments of organization, planning, preparation of production. The purpose of the program Increase competitiveness and increase the company's productivity by: Reducing costs in production; Reduction of time spent on production; Increasing the flexibility of production; Obtaining stable quality in production; Development of professional level of production managers. As a member of the program, you acquire for yourself: System knowledge in the field of effective production management; An applied package of modern production management technologies. The company will receive a qualified production manager who can: Analyze and solve problems at various levels of the production process; Receive actual time data and shorten the lead time for the order; Plan and balance the production load for the current market needs; Flexibly manage material flows and effectively use resources in production; Differentiate the remuneration of production personnel and rate the work. Uniqueness of the program The training materials are developed with the support of the Federal Union REFA and include detailed methodological aids, as well as forms and templates for independent practical work. Students receive practical skills in working with modern German equipment to obtain and analyze time data. Thanks to the distance education system of the IPM Business School, the learning process is not limited to classroom activities. The participants of the program solve practical tasks, participate in the discussion, read... [-]