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Lighting Design

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The Master of Lighting Design trains designers who see the light as an element that creates spaces. Studying this master you can be a specialist in lighting design, can work in events companies, service organizations and specialized shops, ephemeral architectures, engineering studios and movie, theatre and Light-art companies.

Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is a unitary parliamentary republic within the European Union, located in Southern Europe. To the north, it borders France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia along the Alps.

Florence is one of the most populous city of Italy. This place is known for its Art institutions. Moreover, institutions like Florence University of Arts are dedicated to providing good quality art based education. These educational institutions focus on over all grooming of the students.

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Advanced Training Course In Lighting Design - Design Light

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Florence
Campus Full time 7 months April 2018 Italy Florence

The Advanced Training Course in Lighting Design - Designing the light provides the theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to enter the profession of Lighting Designer. Integrates design skills with elements of lighting design, understood as an added value in terms of aesthetics, functionality and expression of the architectural project and / or visual communication. Able to look at light sources as an expressive tool of great plasticity, the Lighting Designer is able to cure the lighting director of residential interiors and service, exhibition and entertainment, public and commercial spaces spaces, outdoor environments, roads, architectural facades , parks and gardens. The course is sponsored by IED and the Targetti Foundation, an international reference point for the lighting training. [+]

Course Studies in Lighting Design in Florence in Italy. THIS PROGRAM 'TAUGHT IN ITALIAN Who should attend: The course is aimed at graduates or graduates in Architecture, Interior Designers, Engineers, Product Designer, or specialize in related fields, professionals in the architecture and interiors sector, specialists in Visual brand communication, museum conservators with computer skills major design programs and design and who has experience in the field. addresses of specialization: Lighting Designer, a key figure in the design of interiors and exteriors, which is a professional architectural firms, large companies, public administrations and the conservatives of the artistic heritage refer to secure a fair and efficient lighting director, sustainable and capable of highlighting the features of any context. Structure and methodology: The Advanced Training Course in Lighting Design - Designing the light is intended to deepen the theoretical point of view, practical and aesthetic, all the specific topics for proper lighting design. The course is structured in five modules, one theoretical and four theoretical and design through project work aimed to address all the areas of interest of Lighting Designers (interior architecture, urban exteriors, entertainment, museum exhibition). Each module focuses on a specific application environment in order to provide the knowledge to make correct and effective projects. Starting from the physical and technical-scientific light, the Base module explains the lighting language, with specific focus on light sources, luminaires and design fundamentals. A particular attention is given to the LEDs, the digital management of the light and energy sustainability. The first module... [-]