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A course refers to a specialized study program. It usually takes place on campus but can be delivered online. Courses are popular for people who want to get specific knowledge in one subject.

A master's in leadership will help you advance in any field. The degree will teach you leadership techniques that can be tailored in your sector of specialization. Having that leadership experience and knowledge will propel you up the corporate ladder.

In Belarus, university education is the highest level of academic educational pursuit. It also has an extra post-secondary level, which provides other related vocational training. After the undergraduate degree, the education system gives you an opportunity to further your education in order to extend your academic pursuit to masters or doctoral degree levels.

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Topleaf ® - Top Leadership Forum

IPM Business school
Campus Part time September 2017 Belarus Minsk

TopLeaF ® is a product of "Adizes Institute" (Santa Barbara, CA, USA), presents a program of management in an environment aimed at sharing [+]


TopLeaF ® is a product of "Adizes Institute" (Santa Barbara, CA, USA), presents a program of management in an environment aimed at co-education, the creation of the management team and the establishment ofe business contacts. TopLeaF ® group formed around the world, and video lectures are available in English, French, Russian and Serbian. TopLeaF ® program is a series of 9-eight-hour sessions, conducted twice a month.Beginning of the program - February 22, 2012, the completion of the program - June 21, 2012 The group includes 12-16 senior managers and business owners, representatives of the same or different companies.Certified Adizes escorted group moderators TopLeaF ® in a dynamic and interactive learning. Each session is informational in content and inspiring for the atmosphere.The session begins with a video of Dr. Adizes lectures, full of humor and a deep sense. After watching the video, the facilitator initiates a discussion on the subject of the lecture.The band members are working together with the moderator ideas, solve problems, and make out the concepts presented by Dr. Adizes.The discussion develops a deeper understanding of the basic concepts of management and their application in specific situations.Moreover, the atmosphere of mutual support, promoting the emergence of innovative and effective solutions to the problems faced by individual participants.Education group members continue between sessions by communicating with the books and publications of Dr. Adizes.... [-]