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Oceania consists of islands of the southern, western, and central Pacific Ocean, including Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. The term is sometimes extended to encompass Australia, New Zealand, and the Malay Archipelago.

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General English (GE)

Sydney School of Business and Technology (SSBT)
Campus Full time 1 - 50 weeks January 2018 Australia Sydney

Apple's General English program is designed with a view to: improving your English communication skills; entry into the Apple EAP program; opening doors to better employment opportunities; travelling in Australia. [+]

Courses in Language Studies in Oceania 2018. Apple's General English program is designed with a view to: Improving your English communication skills Entry into the Apple EAP program Opening doors to better employment opportunities Travelling in Australia Apple's GE Program teaches you how to function well in an English speaking environment and how to be confident and successful in the areas of life that matter – professional and personal: Developing professional and personal relationships – job interviews, formal and informal presentations, giving and understanding opinions, meeting and chatting with new people Understanding and creating documents – letters, proposals, emails, advertisements, schedules Learning about Australia – learn all about this beautiful country, its people and places to go You will be assessed throughout the course on your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and your understanding and use of grammar and vocabulary. Formal assessment is conducted at the end of every five weeks. A progress report is provided to you every five weeks to help both you and your teachers in monitoring your course progress. Course details Name: General English (GE) Course duration: 1-50 weeks CRICOS CODE: 068576J Tuition fee: $290/week Levels: Beginner Elementary Lower Intermediate Intermediate Upper –Intermediate Entry requirements: No specific entry requirements [-]