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International Trade

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The world is coming closer together and as the economies of the world become one they become even more complex. A master’s in international trade will give you a strong understanding of the connections between all parts of the world economy.

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Business Administration - International Business

Fleming College
Campus 3 years September 2017 Canada Peterborough Lindsay Haliburton Cobourg + 2 more

With the Business Administration - International Business program you can acquire the skills for a career with global logistics companies, freight forwarders, importing/exporting firms, customs brokers, or with consulting and trading companies. [+]

Best Part time Course Studies in International Trade 2017. Prepare for a global career in international trade through: hands-on training and actual import/export activities practical case studies in tariff classification, customs documentation, export market planning and development, NAFTA Rules of Origin, international freight forwarding and logistics, and much more a unique three-week international study field trip. The entire 6th semester is an in-depth Applied Learning Project. Students also have the opportunity to complete the 6th semester at Universidad Del Valle de Mexico near Mexico City or at the University of Turku in Finland. This learning option allows students to put their training into practice, work with international clients while having the unique experience of being immersed in another culture. Why Choose Fleming Fleming College is the only college in Canada that offers you a three-year program that focuses on International Trade emphasizing the practical applications used today. You may actually import or export goods for sale as part of your training. Your in-class instruction will be first-rate, drawing on the faculty's real-life experience in the field coupled with the latest in industry simulation software. Professional affiliations with the Canadian International Freight Forwarding Association (CIFFA) and the Canadian Professional Logistics Institute (P. Log) keep the curriculum relevant and up-to-date. The entire 6th semester is an applied project where you will work with an industry client, either in Canada or abroad. Career Opportunities Your career choices in the area of International Trade are extensive. You can focus your skills on careers in... [-]

Commercial Due Diligence in Asia

Institute For Asia Strategy And Knowledge (I-ASK)
Campus 2 days August 2017 Singapore Malaysia Kuala Lumpur + 1 more

In this two-day seminar you will work with one of the world's foremost strategic thinkers to build your Commercial Due Diligence skills [+]

Commercial Due Diligence in Asia

Course Overview

In this two-day seminar you will work with one of the world's foremost strategic thinkers to build your Commercial Due Diligence skills and add real value to your company's expansion plans by minimizing the risk of investment failure. The course focuses on a structured approach to help you assessing a target company's current and projected business performance through detailed investigation of market and competitive environment.


Why shall you attend?

Growth via Mergers & Acquisitions in Asia can be a very risky step to undertake. Carrying out proper Commercial Due Diligence in Asia is one of the most effective ways to reduce that risk and to improve your chances of a successful transaction. If your company wants to grow either by M&A, you will need to thoroughly understand that company's current and projected performance. This two-day seminar trains you on the newest methodologies to conduct Commercial Due Diligences on potential M&A targets to avoid any unwanted surprises and draw a transparent and sound picture of your target company's commercial performance.... [-]