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A course in international management is ideal for students who have a background that includes mathematics, business communication and basic computer applications. Those who are seeking a higher degree in management or are working toward certifications often take this type of course.

Anyone may wonder, what is a course in international management? It is usually part of a program that provides students with the knowledge and skills to investigate, manage and analyze facets of international trade for corporations. An instructor with expertise in the field may present course material in a variety of formats, with exercises and projects that familiarize students with issues likely to arise in their careers.

Upon completion of the coursework, a student may apply the foundations learned in more advanced classes. This knowledge is immediately beneficial for those who already have established careers.

Courses in international management are available around the globe, and they vary in the depth of material offered and the length of the class. Costs differ widely based on these factors, but an individual who is interested can learn about expenses specific to each institution while researching the courses that fit his or her educational needs.

International management encompasses a number of different fields. These include international trade research, supply chain management, human resources management, and sales and marketing, to name a few. Students with some coursework completed may qualify for entry-level positions, while a degree may prepare them for intermediate-level positions. Business development managers, international sales managers and logistics coordinators are just three of many choices available to those who pursue a job in this field.

A course in international management is typically taken as a part of an undergraduate or graduate level program, and many institutions have prerequisites that must be fulfilled before enrollment is possible. To aid students in finding the course that is right for them, many universities offer distance-learning options. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Semester Program International Management and Business Development in Russia

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Campus Part time 18 weeks September 2018 Russia St. Petersburg

This program is integrated in educational process, developed according the European requirements and can be recognized as a semester abroad. [+]

This program is integrated into educational process, developed according to the European requirements and can be recognized as a semester abroad. Opportunities: the program provides students with opportunities to bring into line with large international companies’ staff requirements, learn best practices in their specialty, gain experience of working in international teams, establish useful international contacts and learn specifics of Russian business environment. Training methods: lectures, interactive presentations, working in small groups, discussions, brainstorming, case studies, companies’ visits, workshops by the Russian and foreign companies’ representatives Program scheme: elective courses... [-]

International Management & Leadership - IM

International Business School Americas
Campus Full time July 2018 Italy Altavilla Vicentina Brazil São Paulo + 1 more

Develop essential skills in management and create business leaderships no matter the area the participant takes part. It allows the participant to lead managerial posts and people and to improve managerial processes with an international view. [+]

Period: January and July Course load: Full day classes and activities for 3 weeks - 80h in classroom and 8 hours of extra activities. Faculty: Specialist professors from the university, with great academic and professional experience. Dynamics of the class: theoretical classes, cases discussions and practical activities Students’ profile: Undergraduates interested in Administration Additional activities: Visit to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, or the Fashion District of Milan, Italy. Number of students in class: from 15 to 30 Investment: € 5.100 + enrollment fee € 60 – check scholarship programs Payment conditions: up to 10 installments Enrollment period: upon request Objectives of the program ... [-]

Managing People in an International Environment

MCE Management Centre Europe
Campus Full time 4 days January 2018 Belgium Brussels United Kingdom London Spain Barcelona United Arab Emirates Dubai Bahrain France Paris + 9 more

Attracting, motivating and retaining best talent in the current knowledge economy can be very challenging! Teams are often located in different parts of the world and need to perform with less resources. [+]

Mid-level Managers WHY attend this programme?

Attracting, motivating and retaining best talent in the current knowledge economy can be very challenging! Teams are often located in different parts of the world and need to perform with less resources. So how can you be a great manager? How do you define roles and get the best performance out of each individual on your team? How do you make sure your team supports the business objectives? How do you motivate people with different expectations and business experience? How do you manage in a global context with multicultural teams located in different parts of the world? By joining this programme, you will gain insights into what motivates different people, as well as learn pragmatic tools and methods for delegation, feedback and coaching to help you hire and retain your best performers.... [-]