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There are several different courses that students can enroll in to gain knowledge about a particular subject. During a course, students participate in lectures, take quizzes, and/or receive assessments. After completing the class, it is common for students to receive credit towards graduation, a certificate, and/or a grade.

What is a course in International Law?  This program is designed to teach students about the different aspects of international law. Criminal law and world policies are usually discussed. In addition, the class may review the challenges that arise from international genocides, war crimes, piracy, and terrorism. Students can learn how legal action is taken to minimize these problems. Important cases throughout history are usually reviewed during this course. Typically, there are no prerequisites for enrollment, and all backgrounds are welcome to participate.

There are many benefits to participating in this course. If you plan on pursuing a legal career, this class can help you understand how the law works. This study program might also benefit students interested in pursuing careers in government.

The cost of taking a course varies depending on the one in which you enroll. Since there are schools around the globe, it is hard to determine a specific cost for tuition. However, most students feel their time in the classroom is very rewarding and find it to be a valuable investment into their future.

Students who take a course in International Law are typically pursuing an undergraduate degree. After graduation, they might pursue a job or continue their schooling and study at law school. People who take this type of course may be interested in a career in law, politics, government, defense, or research. There are multiple opportunities for work depending on your skillset.

If you are interested in studying this subject, it is important to find the right course online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Thematic Seminar: International Criminal Law and Transitional Justice

CERAH - The Geneva Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action
Campus Full time 1 - 1 week April 2019 Switzerland Geneva

Explores the historical and theoretical foundations of criminal and transitional justice efforts and provides participants with an introduction to judicial and non-judicial mechanisms available to ensure accountability, serve justice and achieve reconciliation. [+]

25 - 29 April 2016

The thematic seminar on International Criminal Law and Transitional Justice presents an introduction of international criminal law and international transitional law. In addition to giving participants a historical and theoretical overview of these branches of law, it offers a critical approach to international justice - today primarily presented as criminal law.

It is organized in sessions with experts on international and transitional law and related fields. Both organizers and external experts will present current projects they are working on, relevant topics and institutions. Moreover, criminal and transitional cases will be discussed and analysed, e.g. Hissene Habre Case, Milosevic Cases, etc. Students are expected to participate in discussion and analysis of cases.... [-]