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Interaction Design

Universities and colleges set their own admission requirements for higher education courses, so they vary broadly. Depending on the course, graduate student may be able to get into higher education with a range of qualifications. If you're applying to do a Foundation Degree course, you may find that work experience is taken into consideration alongside any qualifications you have. Some higher education institutes and colleges offer Foundation Years as preparation for a certain degree courses. They usually don't result in separate criteria as they simply qualify you to enter the degree program itself. Foundation Years aren't within reach for all degree courses, however.

Interaction design refers to creating digital content and other multimedia products. It may also refer to how consumers use digital media systems and programs. Disciplines such as software design, computer engineering, and computer programming often require interaction design.

France offers a superb higher education system to not only its citizens but also foreigners. The country's dynamic culture attracts foreign students and those interested in pursuing international courses. France has a tradition of scientific and technological innovation. This ensures that scholars fully utilize their creativity.

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Motion Design

Campus Full time 1 year September 2017 France Nice

The Motion Graphic Design and Motion Design, is animated graphical elements like pictures, pictograms, or typography, synchronized sound. [+]

Best Course Studies in Interaction Design in France 2017. Duration of training: 1 year. The Motion Design is one of the new professions of the XXI century. "This is the art of giving life to graphic animation. "At the crossroads of new technologies that cover the entire visual arts, this discipline helps design and implement tailored communications to mobile devices, incorporating the concept of motion with the combination of video, special effects, of 2D and 3D animation, typography and graphics. The Motion Graphic Design and Motion DesignIs the animation of graphic elements like pictures, pictograms, or typography, synchronized sound. Motion design is a relatively new discipline: the pioneers of this type of videos were the creators of film credits 60s but the technique has become widespread in the last 5 years with the advent of digital and software called "compositing "as After Effects, which could be defined simply as photoshop video. Motion design covers a broad stylistic panel that there are motion designers, and constantly changing: what is modern already a month can not be six months later, and it is not uncommon revolutionary technology is exceeded in less than a year. Today, motion design is everywhere, on television of course (generic JT or various TV games, titled headbands screen below) but also on the internet (corporate videos, web pages, animations, banners) and even the menus of our smartphones. • His role : The motion-designer is an artist who expresses himself through the art form according to customer demand. It... [-]