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Law courses are intended to be taken by those wishing to further their personal development. Whether you take the courses in a classroom or online, there are a variety of specialized study areas. Some of these include regulatory theory, commercial law and intellectual property.

If you want to be an independent consultant, a master's of innovation will be incredibly beneficial for you. A master’s in innovation will take you through the steps of increasing a company’s bottom line and decreasing their overhead through inventive measures.

In Brazil, there are three types of degree: Bachelors - takes between four to six years to complete and students can work as teachers after finishing four years of research. Masters - takes one to two years to achieve; Doctoral/PhD - the highest degree you can study and takes three to four years to achieve. These three degrees loosely correspond to the three cycles of the Bologna Process - the European system of higher education. This means that if you have achieved an undergraduate degree at a European university, you should be qualified to achieve a Masters in Brazil.

This city has many facilities to provide education at all levels. Some of the notable universities and colleges in this city are Rio de Janeiro State University and Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

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Extension Course In Coolhunting - Trend Research

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Rio de Janeiro
Campus Part time 60 hours March 2017 Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The special course of Cool Hunting - Trends Research enables students to practice research method coolhunting which is widely used in trends research firms, advertising agencies, areas of R & D, branding and innovation. [+]

Part time Course Studies in Innovation in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. THIS PROGRAM IS IN PORTUGUESE Taught Provide tools for monitoring trends and movements of a market in continuous transformation. 5th Class of Coolhunting Start Date: March Classes: Tuesday and Thursday - 19h30 to 22h30 Hours: 60 hours Portuguese language Description and Objectives: The special course Cool Hunting - Trends Survey enables students to practice coolhunting research method that is widely used in trends research firms, advertising agencies, areas of R & D, branding and innovation. The student will be encouraged to reflect on the present moment, putting it in contact with theories and topics that generate debates on contemporary and preparing it to prepare thought for new behavioral trends. Another goal is to present the professional who works as coolhunter, what it does, how is your day to day, placing the student in touch with research sources and to professionals already active in this market as well as exercising the practice as coolhunter, putting the student researcher in the situation trends, with the supervision of teachers. The course aims to: - Provide tools for monitoring trends and movements of a market in continuous transformation; - Complement the training of professionals who want to be at the forefront of their fields; - Stimulate thinking about the consumption and the modern consumer; - Encourage and foster an innovative and critical thinking to the development of new products and services; - Denaturalize concepts ready and encourage long-term thinking; - To offer the student the possibility of experience to capture innovation through the supervised fieldwork. Target Audience: Professionals and students of the area of ​​design, fashion, communication, advertising, marketing and anthropology. Course topics: - Individuals, consumption and consumer society. - Trends, fads and fashions. - Cities, streets and behavior in the urban environment. - Technological innovations and their influence on the individual's behavior. - Research and ethnography: leave the field. Preparation and choice of methodologies. - How to search? What to watch? What research? - How to make a coolhunting report. - The daily life of a coolhunting professional. - Analysis, selection and organization of field data. - The different and new sources of research. - How to identify what is "hot"? - Global behavior and the relationship with the site. - Field research supervised by teachers. What the student will learn? - Understand what they are and how to structure consumer behavior trends and how to capture their signals. - Understanding culture on contemporary material. - Understanding urban anthropology and urban ethnography. - Urban ethnography practice. - Practice in the preparation of a trend research: collection, research and analysis tools. - Practice in the preparation of trend research reports (coolhunting). - Understanding on the management of coolhunter research career. - Reflection about the consumption and the modern consumer. * The IED Rio reserves the right to postpone the course if you do not get a quorum. Coordination: Flavia Mendonça Flavia Mendonça is a journalist and graduated in Fashion from UFRJ and UVA, respectively. It worked for ten years in the area, which specializes in issues related fashioned, design, and consumer behavior trends for international companies specialized in trend research as WGSN, Stylus, Trend buero, as well as magazines and websites JC Report, L 'Officiel Brazil, Condé Nast Traveller, Lonely Planet, ABC Design, among others. Freelancer, also served with branded content and marketing strategies and market research for companies such as Melissa, Dell Anno, Bake and Lambretta Watches. He served as a lecturer and researcher at the Center for Future Scenario of the Pontifical Catholic University / PUC-Rio (2007-2012). [-]