Top Courses in Illustration

An academic course is a way for a student to learn about a specific subject. A course can be long or short, broad or specific and may take place in a classroom or online. Many courses are part of a certificate or degree program.

What is a course in illustration? You can expect to learn basic techniques for taking real-world objects or images in your imagination and putting them onto paper. Illustration uses a variety of different tools, so you might work with charcoal, pastels, pencils, ink or on a computer. Beginning courses might focus on understanding your tools and making broad, barely recognizable strokes while more advanced ones may focus on true-to-life drawing.

Some skills you can learn in an illustration course include attention to detail, fine motor skills and creativity. While these are useful in creating art, these skills can also be used in your daily life. You may be able solve problems more creatively and handle small tasks with more dexterity than before.

The cost of a course mostly depends on the school you choose, but other factors do play a role. These include necessary supplies and books, registration fees and whether the course is online or in a classroom.

A course in illustration can prepare you for work in a variety of artistic fields. Completing this course is a good jumping off point for a career in animation, advertising, video game creation, historic restoration and teaching. Some job titles you can search for include 3D-model animator, marketing aide, digital effects creator and art instructor.

Illustration courses can be found at nearly all major institutions around the world. If furthering a career in art is your goal, perhaps take this course at an art school. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Intensive concept art

COCO - Escuela Europea para la Comunicación y Las Artes Visuales
Campus Part-time 60 hours Request Info Spain Alicante

Basic professional training to develop your main ideas of characters and scenarios.

Design for Fashion Publishing

Kensington and Chelsea College
Campus Part-time 10 weeks Request Info United Kingdom London

This course will give you an introduction to magazine design. The course includes studying and applying corporate image as well as creating a variety of illustration styles and layout for magazine covers and articles.

Introduction to Fashion Illustration

Kensington and Chelsea College
Campus Part-time 4 weeks Request Info United Kingdom London

Learn how to illustrate your fashion design ideas. This course is ideal for relative beginners and will take you on your first steps to representing your ideas effectively. Ideal for those who wish to develop more confidence in this area.

Course: Adobe Illustrator Essentials - Online Program

Friends of Design - Academy of Digital Arts
Online Part-time South Africa Cape Town

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful and versatile tool for creating illus­trations for Print and Web. By tapping into the power of this vector based program, you can create detailed and scalable art for almost any applica­tion.

Postgraduate Degree in Illustration

Bau Design College of Barcelona
Campus Full-time 1 year Request Info Spain Barcelona

This postgraduate degree considers and delves into illustration as a relevant element in contemporary visual communication. Its presence in the media spreads into different areas and colonizes new supports.

Course in Fashion Illustration

Milan Fashion Campus
Campus Full-time Part-time 2 - 4 weeks October 2019 Italy Milan + 1 more

The Fashion Illustration Course is not only the design or representation of a garment, but more of an art form. Also it is an alternative way for creative people that enjoy fashion and want to express in a different way how fashion design inspires them. In this course you will learn all about fashion illustration and how has it ...

Course - Fashion illustration

First Media Professional Learning Centre
Campus Full-time 24 hours August 2020 Singapore

This course aims to help one express ideas and concepts through skilful diversied illustration techniques in different medium including rendering of fabric prints, textures, designs and how the fabric

Course Fashion Art - Online Lessons

University of Fashion - Online Fashion Design School
Online Full-time Part-time Open Enrollment USA New York

Our online fashion drawing, rendering and illustration video lessons will help you realize your designs on paper and make an artist out of you! Being able to communicate your design ideas to others is a critical step toward becoming a successful fashion designer.

Higher Level Training Course in Illustration

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Madrid
Campus Full-time 2 years Request Info Spain Madrid

Master the fundamental techniques and styles of illustration that will allow you to specify ideas and concepts through drawing.

Course in Graphic Illustrations & Design Fundamentals (Adobe Illustrator)

First Media Design School
Campus Full-time 65 hours August 2020 Singapore

This course is specially designed to teach learners a holistic approach to appreciate and apply design basics, brand building and product packaging in 2D and 3D formats.

Fashion Illustrator Course - Milan

IUAD Accademia della Moda
Campus 9 months October 2019 Italy Milan

Fashion draftsmen are responsible for the research and design stage, setting trends and defining the inspiration for the collection.