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Universities and colleges set their own admission requirements for higher education courses, so they vary broadly. Depending on the course, graduate student may be able to get into higher education with a range of qualifications. If you're applying to do a Foundation Degree course, you may find that work experience is taken into consideration alongside any qualifications you have. Some higher education institutes and colleges offer Foundation Years as preparation for a certain degree courses. They usually don't result in separate criteria as they simply qualify you to enter the degree program itself. Foundation Years aren't within reach for all degree courses, however.

Hair styling involves providing clients with salon services including hair cutting, coloring and styling. Individuals who are interested in learning about hair color, styling and hair design may study at an applied professional program that provides comprehensive training, mentoring and styling techniques for students.

The USA remains the world’s most popular destination for international students. Universities in the US dominate the world rankings and the country also offers a wide variety of exciting study locations. State university systems are partially subsidized by state governments, and may have many campuses spread around the state, with hundreds of thousands of students.

Miami is the county seat of Miami-Dade County, situated on the Atlantic Coast in southern Florida. Miami is ranked seventh in the whole United States when we talk about the enrollment of students per capita. Miami is also known profit and nonprofit professional programs.

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Course in Barbering

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Campus Full time 1200 hours September 2017 USA Miami Beach

The Barber program will prepare you to obtain the knowledge and expertise necessary to work in a high-end traditional or modern barbershop/salon. This comprehensive program will provide you with the proper training in a variety of areas. [+]

Course Studies in Hair styling in Miami in USA. (Offered at all campuses) Program Objective To prepare students for the State of Florida Barber’s Board Examination to become a licensed Barber. To help students build their confidence and prepare them for the real world. CLOCK HOURS: 1,200 Program Description The Barber program will prepare you to obtain the knowledge and expertise necessary to work in a high-end traditional or modern barbershop/salon. This comprehensive program will provide you with the proper training in a variety of areas such as the following: cutting with shears, styling hair, modern fades, shaving techniques as well as chemicals (perms/relaxers) in order to offer clients an array of services including artistic designs using color combinations to name a few. After the completion of this exciting program, you will have the skills necessary to be a platform artist, become a celebrity barber, or work with the most competitive companies in the industry. Courses Required HIV102 HIV/AIDS (2 Hours) BA101 LIFE & STUDY SKILLS (15 Hours) BA102 THE HISTORY OF BARBERING (30 Hours) BA103 PROFESSIONAL IMAGE (40 Hours) BA104 MICROBIOLOGY (40 Hours) BA105 INFECTION CONTROL & SAFE WORK PRACTICES (60 Hours) BA106 IMPLEMENTS, TOOLS & EQUIPMENT (60 Hours) BA107 ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY (50 Hours) BA108 CHEMISTRY (50 Hours) BA109 ELECTRICITY & LIGHT THERAPY (35 Hours) BA110 PROPERTIES & DISORDERS OF THE SKIN (50 Hours) BA111 PROPERTIES & DISORDERS OF THE HAIR & SCALP (50 Hours) BA112 TREATMENTS OF THE HAIR & SCALP (40 Hours) BA113 SHAVING & FACIAL HAIR DESIGN (60 Hours) BA114 MEN’S HAIRCUTTING & STYLING (75 Hours) BA115 MEN’S HAIR REPLACEMENT (50 Hours) BA116 WOMEN’S HAIRCUTTING & STYLING (60 Hours) BA117 CHEMICAL TEXTURE SERVICES (120 Hours) BA118 HAIR COLORING & LIGHTENING (120 Hours) BA119 NAILS & MANICURING (53 Hours) BA120 STATE BOARD PREPARATION & LICENSING LAWS (60 Hours) BA121 THE JOB SEARCH (35 Hours) BA122 BARBERSHOP MANAGEMENT (45 Hours) Services Required CHEMICAL TEXTURES (50 Services) COLOR & HIGHLIGHTS (50 Services) MEN’S HAIR CUTTING & STYLING (150 Services) SANITATION (150 Services) SHAMPOOING/TREATMEAN OF THE HAIR & SCALP (35 Services) SHAVING & FACIAL HAIR DESIGN (50 Services) WOMEN’S HAIR CUTTING & STYLING (150 Services) All hours and services are those required by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). Note: All programs are taught in a cycle. Students are able to start at any point of the cycle and still fulfill all program requirements. Books Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering Textbook, Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering Workbook, and Milady’s Standard Professional Barbering Review Book. Equipment / Materials Students will receive a uniform, an equipment bag and a hair kit with all the necessary instruments and materials to perform the required services. Graduation After a student completes 1,200 hours, services, exams and fulfills all financial obligations to the school, a certificate will be awarded. Completion Time Completion time depends on the number of hours the student attends weekly. Based on a 25 hour per week schedule, the normal time frame of completion would be 11 months. Method of Payment Tuition and fee payments may be arranged on a weekly or monthly basis. The first payment is due on the first day of class, and on the same day of every week or month thereafter. Federal Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. Gainful Employment The Higher Education Act of 1965 requires proprietary and vocational colleges to provide an eligible program of training to prepare students for Gainful Employment. Below you will find information for related occupations listed for Barbering. The web link will provide information for tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, work activities, work context, job zone, education, interests, work styles, work values, related occupations, wages and employment trends, other sources and additional information. Also included is the on-time graduation rate, tuition, fees, room and board, books and supplies, job placement rate, and median loan debt incurred. CIP Code: 12.0402 CIP description: Barbering/Barber The Barber program includes occupations such as Barber and First-Line Supervisors/Managers of Personal Service Workers. SOC Code: 39-5011 SOC Description: Barbers SOC Code: 39-1021 SOC Description: First-Line Supervisors/Managers of Personal Service Workers Cost of Attendance for the entire program: Tuition Fees Books & Supplies Total $14,473.80 $100.00 $1,537.30 $16,111.10 Room & Board Total with Room & Board $12,732.00 $28,843.10 Overall Placement Rate: 85.2% On-time Graduation Rate: 55% Note: The placement rate was calculated using the accrediting agency formula. Students borrowing for the Barber program have a median loan total indebtedness of $9454.00 after graduation. Monthly payments for the Direct Loan program must start at $50.00. To calculate your monthly repayment amount for your total student loan borrowed you can access Median Loan Debt for Private Educational Loans after graduation: N/A Median Loan Debt for Institutional Loan debt after graduation: N/A Note: The State of Florida Barber’s Board which is responsible for licensing Barbers, has varied restrictions which may affect an individual with a history of a felony conviction. Prospective students are responsible for contacting the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and/or Florida Barber’s Board concerning any questions regarding their eligibility for licensure prior to enrolling. After completion of the program, the student/ candidate is required to list all background information along with the application, given that it is required to become approved for licensure. Afterward, the State Board is responsible for approving or denying any candidate upon completion of the program. [-]