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A course is designed to study a particular topic within a wider area of study, and it is a stepping stone to earning a degree. Most courses are made up of lectures, exams and tutorials, and last from a couple of days to a few months.

You may be wondering, what is a course in green studies? Another name for the course is environmental studies, and it is designed to help students understand the environment in order to solve world problems. Students will learn to integrate science, policy and economics in their problem solving in order to make a positive change. Examples of class topics include the living environment, environmental pollution and biological resources and sustainability.

Students who take a course in green studies will gain critical thinking skills that will benefit many areas of their lives. They will also become engaged citizens, and will have the tools for effective social, economic and political change.

For those interested in a green studies course, there are many opportunities at a number of international universities. Classes can be taken in person or online, and depending on the program’s duration, the costs will vary greatly from school to school. It is recommended that you research a number of schools and then contact each school directly to find out what the specific costs will be.

Students who continue on with green studies and earn their degree have a wealth of career options ahead of them. Some opportunities include environmental lawyers, community planners and non-profit organization directors. Graduates can choose to work in philosophy, policy, education, science or communication fields as well. Employers include educational institutions and federal and state agencies. 

If you would like to explore the different courses in green studies, our extensive database can help you out. It is easy to apply online for a course of interest. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Green Cities for Eco Efficiency

IHS, Institute For Housing and Urban Development Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam
Campus Part time 3 weeks April 2018 Netherlands Rotterdam

Rationale of the Training Course - Eco-Cities: Policies for Sustainable Energy: Half the world’s population now live in built-up areas, with an estimated 60 million people being added every year. [+]

Rationale of the Training Course - Eco-Cities: Policies for Sustainable Energy

Half the world’s population now live in built-up areas, with an estimated 60 million people being added every year. This rapid urban growth leads to environmental degradation and excessive demands on services and infrastructure. Energy consumption has increased drastically. To address this it is necessary to develop sustainable urban energy policies and best practices in efficient land use, transport, sustainable buildings and sustainable development overall.

Course Curriculum

•Theme 1: Concepts and strategic systemic approaches to sustainable urbanization

•Theme 2: Eco-restoration in Korea: planning, techniques and experiences... [-]

Course in Business Futures: Sustainable Business Through Green HR

Online Part time 3 weeks Open Enrollment United Kingdom UK Online

Get an introduction to how HR, specifically Green HR, can help create a business that’s environmentally friendly. [+]

Sustainability is an embedded practice in many businesses. It recognizes the long-term benefits of acknowledging the social and environmental impacts of production and consumption. While governments encourage responsible social and environmental action, implementation is often left to individual organizations and many of these are under pressure from shareholders driven by a profit-centered return on investment (ROI) model. And so, environmental and sustainable practices often become an HR matter - it’s people that must make the difference.

This course will explore what constitutes sustainability from both ecological and business perspectives. We will investigate the emergence of sustainable approaches to human resources, known as ‘Green HR’, and identify various types of sustainability models.... [-]

Summer/winter discussion school “Energy of the future”

Tyumen State Oil and Gas University
Campus Full time 1 week June 2018 Russia Tyumen

Theoretical studies, trainings, discussions and preparation of individual projects [+]

Summer/winter discussion school “Energy of the future”


Theoretical studies, trainings, discussions and preparation of individual projects.


Limited fossil energy sources that are polluting the environment if are used as the main energy electric energy sources; Global warming and climate change; Environment pollution and risk for health. Reducing of fossil fuels consumption and CO2 emissions; Stimulation of renewable energy sources and alternative energy kinds use; Effective use and rational energy consumption. Transport electrification.

Target audience: student of foreign universities/companies specialists

School language: depending on the group content (Russian/English) ... [-]