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When you plan on breaking into the world of business, you need as much exposure to international business practices as you can get. Signing up for courses in global management can put students on a successful career path to furthering prosperous relationships with international businesses.

What is a course in global management? Courses in this area of study tend to focus on business topics as they apply to the global market. Different courses often span through both an undergraduate and graduate degree, starting with topics such as international marketing and international business negotiation. Advanced courses may cover international human resources, global treasury management and international finance. Learning a business foreign language may also be an option.

Benefits to enrolling in courses in global management include exposure to business practices in countries all over the world and even the opportunity to learn a critical foreign language. These types of courses are also ideal for pursuing advanced business degrees at many institutions. Some courses may even be available online, which makes them suitable for distance learners and international students.

The cost of a global management course varies depending on the institution and length of the course. Interested students are encouraged to thoroughly research their course of choice in order to learn about the tuition and fees associated with each program.

There are many different types of careers associated with courses in global management. Students may find suitable positions as purchasing agents in charge of buying goods with or for domestic and foreign companies. Another position that might be suitable is corporate service manager, which assists in overseeing human resources and employee performance. Financial manager is another option. Financial managers are often involved with mergers, acquisitions and consolidations through international financing and expansion.

Completing a course in global management can put students on a good track toward a successful international business career. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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International Management Programme

Pan-Atlantic University - Lagos Business School (LBS)
Campus Part time 5  months November 2017 Nigeria Lagos

If your organisation has businesses around Africa, or you are considering expanding your business within Africa, then this programme is for you. Our International Management Programme aims to deepen your knowledge of doing business in Africa to help you take advantage of the limitless opportunities the continent offers. This new programme has been designed to help executives develop competencies needed for managing successfully in the different regions of Africa. [+]

Best Course Studies in Global Management 2017. Leadership development relevant for Africa The IMP critically examines the challenging and often uncertain business terrain in Africa, and prepares you to take on your leadership responsibilities in those regions you establish your business. It is designed to help you understand the multicultural diversity of the continent, and offer key success factors for leading your team to deliver stellar performance. This programme will empower you to think broadly, manage strategically and compete globally. Preparing you for the future Africa’s growth potential and untapped opportunities offer vast possibilities for growing and expanding your business. This programme is a must for executives aiming to take advantage of the projected growth in the African economy. The IMP for Leaders in Africa will help you: Gain a holistic view of your organisation beyond your own role Learn to operate in various international markets Lead people and build high performance teams in the African and Asian business environments Drive superior business results Build an entrepreneurial culture Build ethical leaders in your organisation Develop winning strategies for internationalisation Benefits Participants who successfully complete this programme will: Have a better understanding of the African macroeconomic environment Be better able to manage in the African business context Be more skilled at systems thinking, that is, see the connections and consequences of decisions and actions Be better equipped to assess the financial health of a business using methods suited for the African business environment Learn how to drive value through operations Learn how to build global brands and manage your marketing and sales force for the 21st century Be better equipped to design and implement internationalisation strategies [-]