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A course provides knowledge in a specific area of study and is offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students may take a course to transition into a new academic area or to further comprehension in their chosen area of study.

What is a course in global energy? This course prepares students with knowledge about the energy sector. Classes may include issues, markets, technologies and industries related to global energy. Depending on the focus of the program, student may also study politics, finance, policy and business structures as they relate to energy systems. Courses at the graduate or continuing education levels may focus on management principles or delve into specific energy areas such as natural gas, electricity, shale oil and biofuels.

Students who take a global energy course benefit in that they gain knowledge that allows them to deal with the energy challenges that societies and industries will be facing in the future. They also develop analytical and problem-solving skills that are advantageous in many situations.

The costs associated with taking this course will depend on factors such as location, duration and reputation of the program. Calling the schools of interest is the best way to find out specific costs.

Energy is a large industry, and those with global energy knowledge will have a variety of careers to choose from. Employers include the government as well as public and private industries of all different types. The energy sector is an area that is in demand, and some examples of job titles include wind field technician, site prospector, wire technology engineer, wind plant administrator, electronic test technician and utility program manager. Graduates may also find work in sales and marketing, finance and supply chain systems.

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