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Food and Beverage Studies

Courses are academic classes taught by qualified instructors that are intended to enhance participant’s knowledge of a given area or training in a particular discipline. Courses vary broadly in terms of length, size, content and duration.

Food and beverage studies is the study of the behavior and properties of food. This includes where food comes from, the production process involved with making food, and how it is transported, stored and sold.

Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia, is a unitary democratic parliamentary republic at the crossroads of Central Europe, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean. Its capital and largest city is Zagreb.

Top Courses in Food and Beverage Studies in Croatia 2018

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Wine Program

Culinary Institute Kul IN
Campus Full time 50 hours February 2018 Croatia Sisak

Did you know that the Zinfandel grape originates from Croatia? Historically, Croatia has a long and close relationship with wine, and vineyards are full of indigenous grape varieties, enriching the region's wine culture. This two-week program is a complete package that will immerse you in the world of wine, covering Old World and New World wines, traditional Croatian wines, viticulture, enology, tasting techniques, wine marketing, and understanding wine labels. You will find your inner sommelier as you learn to distinguish subtle flavors and aromas, and you will visit local vineyards and wineries to learn about wine production. Whether you are a wine lover, a wine critic, or a sommelier, this course will offer something new and exciting for you. [+]

The modern culture of dining is inconceivable without wine and other alcoholic beverages that have become an indispensable part of gastronomy and everyday life. Proper handling and storage, knowledge of wine culture and its history, as well as quality presentation and communication skills are all required for professional work with wine. Along with learning the standards of wine bon ton, sommeliers must follow new trends in the business because wine is a live product and demands continuous tasting, consideration, and research.

Kul IN's Wine Program combines theoretical and hands-on training so that students can get a complete insight into the world of wine. The program is intended for those who are employed in tourism, the catering industry, restaurants and hotels, winemakers, sales representatives, wine critics and wine lovers. Upon completion, students will be able to independently determine wine quality, select wines, pair wine with food, and compose a wine chart.... [-]

Culinary Arts

Culinary Institute Kul IN
Campus Full time 2 months March 2018 Croatia Sisak

The Culinary Arts course is our flagship program and is ideal for those planning a professional career in the culinary industry or considering a career change. During this two-month course, students gain a comprehensive understanding of cooking methods and techniques used in the French and Italian cuisines, and a deeper understanding of the HoReCa industry and standards, food hygiene, and restaurant management. The course is highly hands-on, and students spend 80% of class time in the kitchen gaining experience with meats, shellfish, pasta, pastries, and more. In addition, students take classes in enology and wine pairing. At the end of the course, students can choose to intern in an elite restaurant or hotel in Croatia. [+]

Course: Culinary Arts

During this two-month program, participants will receive a broad and intense education in professional cooking and pastry making. The dynamic course schedule is designed for people wishing to improve their culinary skills or who are directing themselves towards a career in professional gastronomy. The program takes a hands-on approach to cooking technique, with daily cooking labs supplementing lessons, as well as several field trips to local food production centers and guest lectures from visiting Croatian and international chefs. Students will be provided with the basic knowledge required to begin working in a culinary profession. Students will learn about thermal and mechanical food processing, identifying ingredient quality, coupling seasonings, knife work, creating quality restaurant menus, arranging and serving dishes, professional cooking standards, food portions, food preservation, and the history of gastronomy. Along with the professional skills that students learn during this program, they will also have the opportunity to meet successful chefs working in contemporary gastronomy and form a network with professionals in the industry. Discover your passion towards gastronomy through Kul IN student network. ... [-]

Professional Pastry and Confections

Culinary Institute Kul IN
Campus Full time 2 months March 2018 Croatia Sisak

This intensive two-month course in modern pastry and confections is designed to give students a firm foundation and advanced techniques for aspiring pastry chefs. Small class sizes allow our experienced professor-chefs to give students lots of one-on-one attention and individual feedback. Students spend 80% of the class time getting practical hands-on experience in the kitchen. The course covers bakery and confectionary products, sweet and savory pastries, as well as basic Italian and French pastries. In addition, students are introduced to wine pairing and business management, and they can choose to do an internship in an elite restaurant, hotel, or pastry shop.


The wide range of confectionery products that have made their way onto the market place has created the need for studying sweets and desserts as an entity of their own within the culinary arts. Given that classic confectionery techniques have evolved with the modern technology that now shapes the gastronomy world, this sweet culinary branch offers extensive study material. Due to increasing popularity and demand for trained professionals in this field, Culinary institute Kul IN has created a professional pastry program for modern confections.

Discover your passion towards gastronomy through Kul IN student network.

Other course information: Lesson Schedule: 5 hours/day, Monday through Friday Language: Croatian and/or English Learning and Reading Materials: provided by Kul IN Uniforms: provided by Kul IN ... [-]