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Food and Beverage Studies

Courses are designed to provide instruction to individuals who are interested in a certain subject. This type of study is available to high school graduates or other adults, depending upon the requirements of the school or institution. A course can take from several months to several years.

What is a course in food and beverage studies in Brazil? This course of study is targeted at individuals with an interest in the production or sale of food and beverages, either independently or with a company, or for work within the restaurant and hospitality industry. The curriculum can include studies in gastronomy, marketing, specific instruction in production techniques, bottling, sales and business practices. A combination of lectures and hands-on experiences is typically included in a food and beverage course.

Students learn valuable skills to apply in the global marketplace such as food preparation and the theories and practices of beverage development. Individuals also often obtain strategic thinking skills to apply in the business aspect of the food and beverage industry to be competitive and the most successful.

The design and location of the course will determine overall costs. You should research your options and determine any specializations you would like to pursue, then contact the administrative offices if you have questions about finances.

Careers abound in the food and beverage industry in Brazil and internationally. Students who pursue an education in this field can find career paths ranging from the manufacture and sale of new products to careers in restaurants or resorts as well as positions with existing companies in the industry. This fast-paced industry is competitive, but there are often many opportunities for career due to high demand.

Options for courses are offered at schools, professional institutions, and even online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Food and Beverage Studies

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