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Food and Beverage Management

A course refers to a specialized study program. It usually takes place on campus but can be delivered online. Courses are popular for people who want to get specific knowledge in one subject.

Students who are interested in managing a food service operation will benefit from a food and beverage management program. Classes may include culinary math, product identification, food safety, purchasing, liquor liabilities, and banquet meeting and planning.

Spain (Spanish: EspaƱa) is a diverse country sharing the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal at the western end of the Mediterranean Sea. Spain is considered an exotic country in Europe due to its friendly inhabitants and relaxed lifestyle. The normal duration for University courses in Spain is 4 years, except Medicine and the double degrees, which are 6. Madrid and Barcelona are well known cities around world for its cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and world-famous folklore and festivities.

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Senior Management Of Companies In The Food Chain - Adeca

Instituto Internacional San Telmo
Campus Part time 4 months April 2018 Spain Sevilla

ADECA is a Program Improvement and an Advanced Forum of Reflection. It is designed to help senior management better understand this environment and improve their ability to adequately react on it. [+]

A forum of strategic reflection for leaders of the Food Chain

Senior managers with responsibility for strategic decision making in the food sector are facing a difficult environment to predict. The maturity of markets and globalization generate a hyper-increasing complexity of the situations to be addressed. Moreover, the economic crisis has triggered price sensitivity of consumers and customers, who now make their buying decisions more rational criteria.

Although the food sector is less affected by the economic crisis, it is more difficult to defend prices and margins with business models that sustained success in the last decade, raising the need to revitalize and reinvent the value propositions, companies and their structures to remain competitive and profitable. But at the same time, new business opportunities are created worldwide, through strategic alliances and emerging markets.... [-]