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From mastering the professional equipment essential to a fully functioning food sciences lab, to understanding key concepts in the production, distribution and preservation of food, courses in Food Sciences provide the knowledge and skills necessary for success. Food sciences courses specialize in concentrated areas of the field, such as Avant-Garde Culinary Techniques, Gourmet Foods, and Innovation. Courses in food sciences are equally useful to acquire requisite credit hours in a Bachelor or Graduate level Food Sciences program, or as professional development for working professionals.

In the interest of applying to a range of prospective students with varying academic needs, food sciences courses are typically offered on a full time or part time basis. The duration of a food science course can vary from a week to months or even a year. Courses in food sciences typically include a combination of coursework, lectures and lab work to be completed independently, or sometimes as a part of a group. The specifics of any projects or lessons in food sciences courses will depend greatly on the area of concentration the course focuses on.

If your professional career could benefit from the added qualifications, certification or diploma available through the completion of a short course in the food sciences, then read more about the opportunities available to you, today!

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