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Law courses explore such ubiquitous topics as commercial law, regulatory theory and intellectual property, to name a few. Many of these specializations entail coursework that discusses regulatory problems and trends involved in their specific industry.

Get your master’s in finance and better understand the stock market and its trends. These programs will give you the knowledge through which you can best predict the market and capitalize on it by using different advanced trading techniques.

Distance learning is a method of delivering education to students who are not physically present on campus. Various studies have shown that distance learning programmes can be as efficient and effective as conventional classroom programmes sometimes even better!

There are more than four thousand higher education organizations in Europe, from leading research institutions to small, teaching-focused universities. Europe itself is not as much different than other continents, reaching from the Arctic Circle to the coast of Africa.

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Acca - Qualification For Finance Professionals

Академия PwC
Campus or Online Part time April 2017 Russia Moscow

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) - the largest and fastest growing in the world of international professional association that has won a solid reputation in professional circles for the 100 years of its existence [+]

Top Distance learning Course Studies in Finance in Europe. ACCA - qualification for finance professionals About the program ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) - the largest and fastest growing in the world of international professional association that has won a solid reputation in professional circles for the 100 years of its existence. ACCA Qualification is one of the most respected in the world. ACCA Diploma is recognized worldwide! PwC Academy is pleased to offer you a full ACCA qualification program for the Russian market. Our ACCA strategy is no big deal: we strive to provide the highest level of education and related services that meet the highest quality standards, and we rely on our knowledge and experience we have gained as a leading company, providing professional services. The most important component of the ACCA qualification - to provide relevant practical experience. ACCA Qualification will prepare you for a challenging and often difficult career as a professional accountant. However, to succeed in the financial profession, as in any other case, it is not enough theoretical knowledge. ACCA ensures that its members have always maintained their level of knowledge and practical experience. Together with us you will be able to meet all the necessary requirements. PwC Academy is an organization certified by ACCA for the provision of personnel training services for members of ACCA (Registered Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Provider). Since 2011, PwC Academy is accredited by ACCA. Since June 2013 PwC Academy received the status «Platinum Approved Learning Partner (ALP)», which confirms the high standard of training of students for the exams. The target audience ACCA Qualification is intended not only for accountants and auditors, but also all professionals in finance, economics and management. ACCA members receive the knowledge and skills to enable them to achieve success in areas such as business consulting, taxation, information technology, strategic planning and general management. To become a student of ACCA, you do not need prior training in the field of accounting or finance. All you need - is to have the desire to invest a lot of time and effort in building their future successful career. ACCA welcomes the profession of each, regardless of whether a person is a graduate of a school or university or already have a profession and work. What participants get Diploma and membership in ACCA will allow you to choose the employer, rather than waiting until you choose! The complexity of knowledge. At the time of obtaining membership in ACCA you will have a working knowledge that are applicable to all business sectors. There is a possibility to receive certificates upon completion of certain modules! Qualifying is always relevant, and training on the ACCA program is open to everyone! The largest and fastest growing global professional accountancy body. Every 8 minutes in the world someone is logged in ACCA! Availability ACCA qualification assists in building a successful career in various business sectors - Public or private sectors, an accounting firm, a foreign company or their own businesses - in finance, accounting, auditing, corporate and tax law. (!) All members of the ACCA professional development must devote 40 CPD-units per year, to show that they constantly grow professionally. Why PwC Academy Quality Assurance: Our students regularly receive the highest scores in the region, and our results are generally 20% higher than the average of the exams in the world. Quality teaching materials: materials we use Kaplan Financial Training, which is firmly established themselves as one of the most effective High quality teaching: all lecturers PwC Academy perfectly combine experience in PwC and knowledge of the subject they teach. Competitive offer exam preparation ACCA: with proven programs and through the use of its own equipped premises we can offer our customers training equally high quality at lower prices. Equipped premises PwC Academy: Center auditorium fully equipped with the latest technology. The structure of the qualification Knowledge F1 Accountant in the enterprise F2 Management Accounting F3 Financial Accounting Computer examination (CBE) skills F4 Corporate and Business Law F5 Performance Management F6 Taxation in Russia F7 Financial Reporting F8 Audit and confirmation F9 Financial Management Professional level P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics P2 Corporate Reporting P3 analysis of the company Elective courses P4 Advanced Financial Management P5 Advanced Performance Improvement P6-depth tax course P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance PwC Academy invites you to participate in training programs for ACCA in full-time and distance format, and deliver computer exams (CBE). intramural course If you like the thorough training, thoughtful, serious approach to business, discussions on interesting issues, the full-time training is suitable for you. The undoubted advantage of training at the training center will be relevant materials, examination techniques, help the teacher. All teachers PwC Academy are experienced teachers and experts in a particular line of business. Training lasts 4 days + 1 day trial exam that will immerse you into the atmosphere of the real exam, and simultaneously check the understanding of the studied material. Upon completion of training you will receive detailed comments, tips from an instructor to help you in the preparation. ELearning The program is designed for those who are determined to take the ACCA exams and ready to deal with a lot on their own, but can not attend full-time courses. It is also an excellent training tool if you have already tried, but could not pass the exam, and now want to organize their knowledge and skill to work solving examination problems. Technical requirements for online courses: computer with speakers or headphones; Internet connection (connection speed of at least 512 kbit / s). Price includes lessons with a teacher; training package (in hard copy - with training in internal format, in electronic form - on-line course); Interactive instructor support by email. mail during training Mock Exam and teacher marking [-]

Course in Renewable Energy Management and Finance

European Energy Centre (EEC)
Campus or Online Full time Part time 2 days November 2017 United Kingdom London + 1 more

Understanding policies and finances - fast track to a renewable energy consultancy job. [+]

Two-day course This course is also available as distance learning with live tutorial WHO IS IT FOR: Individuals considering a consultancy job and/or those who have to evaluate the benefits of adopting renewable energy technology. Managers and directors intending to invest in the renewable energy sector. LOCATION: University of London WHEN: 19th - 20th November 2015, University of London OR Start the course today: Distance Learning with live tutorial and online remote exam. COURSE CONTENT: Course Introduction Introduction to Renewable Energy Finance Feed-In Tariff Project Finance calculations 1 Basic technical calculations – energy, economics, emissions EIA and LCA reports Project Finance calculations 2 Government policy and support schemes – UN, EU, UK Project Finance examples Practical international case studies Certificate of Participation provided. EARLY BIRD FUNDED PRICE: £642 £395 (£474 incl. VAT) Course + Certificate of Participation + Exam for Galileo Master Certificate (a saving of £168) [-]

Programa Directivo Planificacion Financiera

IEB - Instituto De Estudios Bursátiles
Campus or Online Part time 175 hours September 2017 Spain Madrid

El Programa Directivo Planificación Financiera. Preparatorio para la Certificación European Financial Planner (€FP®) de EFPA es presencial y se imparte en Madrid. Tiene una duración de 175 horas y un precio [+]

Programa Directivo Planificacion Financiera. Preparatorio para la Certificacion European Financial Planner (€FP®) de EFPA

El Programa Directivo Planificación Financiera. Preparatorio para la Certificación European Financial Planner (€FP®) de EFPA es presencial y se imparte en Madrid. Tiene una duración de 175 horas y un precio de 4.500 euros.

Utilización de la Plataforma Online del IEB

El IEB, pondrá a disposición de todos los alumnos, tanto de la Versión Presencial como de la Versión Online, su Plataforma online de Teleformación.


Esta acreditación propia de EFPA, cubre una necesidad creciente por parte de los profesionales del asesoramiento financiero a clientes de rentas medias-altas que desempeñan su labor profesional en el ámbito de la banca privada, “family office”, EAFIs, etc.... [-]