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A course is a unit of study, either stand-alone or as part of a degree, focusing on a specific subject of post-secondary education. Courses can run from a few weeks to several months in length, during which students engage in intensive study and work with a specific instructor.

If you heard the term in passing, you may wonder, “What are courses in film criticism?” Film criticism is the study of cinema as a medium—its history, social context and developments both technological and aesthetic. These courses offer students the experience of viewing films from a critical standpoint, and they can cover a wide or narrow range in time, genre and culture. Students will explore critical theories of film to develop insightful analyses of narrative, cinematography, editing and the relationship between film and audience.

Courses in film criticism equip students with critical thinking, research and communication skills valuable both within and outside of film criticism. Students also build a broader perspective of social and cultural contexts and their relationship to the development of new media.

Film criticism courses are available at a number of schools, though the length and cost of these courses vary. Research into schools and courses of choice is valuable for determining the expected fees for registration and tuition.

Through courses in film criticism, students prepare themselves for careers as movie or television critics. This commonly overlaps with journalism, as critics write reviews of new and upcoming films for websites or print media; entry-level critics may do freelance work before settling with a particular publication. A dedicated full-time career as a film critic is uncommon, so many in this field also find work as entertainment journalists covering related subjects. Such work can range from interviewing actors and directors to reporting on media trends.

Many schools that offer courses in film criticism also provide options for online learning programs, which are vital to students living in remote areas or in need of flexible schedules. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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