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Fashion Marketing

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Communication is an important aspect of a fashion marketing program. A career in fashion marketing entails being creative, and ability to understand trends and having a keen eye for recognition of styles and well-coordinated images.

China, officially the People's Republic of China, is a sovereign state located in East Asia. It is the world's most populous country, with a population of over 1.35 billion.

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Condé Nast Center of Fashion & Design China
Campus Full time 3 months November 2017 China Shanghai

The Fashion Marketing & Branding Program is a three-month immersion in this essential aspect of the fashion and luxury industry, which is the link between creative design and the consumer. [+]

Course Studies in Fashion Marketing in Shanghai in China. FASHION MARKETING & BRANDING Mode: Full-time Program Language: English Length: 240 hours (3 months) Date: 2015-11-02 to 2016-02-05 Tuition: 76,800RMB Application Fee: 200RMB Introduction The Fashion Marketing & Branding Program is a three-month immersion in this essential aspect of the fashion and luxury industry, which is the link between creative design and the consumer. The aim of the program is to give you the essential skills to use the different tools in the marketing mix that allow a fashion or luxury brand to engage and build a relationship with its consumer. Overview Fashion and luxury companies have the specificity of selling desire and emotions as much as products, in which the aspect of creative design and the emotional resonance of the brand are part of the value being proposed to the client. As a result, the marketing of these brands must also be specific, in comparison to the marketing of fast-moving consumer goods. This program will help you to explore and understand this specificity and to contribute to creative brand marketing. You will begin by establishing a contextual view of how the fashion industry works, and of the landscape both of brands and of fashion media. This will allow you to position a specific brand within this competitive landscape, to define its personality and to create or update the story that it is telling to current and prospective clients. You will learn to identify and understand these clients, using data analysis, CRM tools and research into consumer behavior and emotions. You will explore the marketing mix, as applied to the fashion and luxury industry, particularly the different means of communication at a brand’s disposal, including print and digital advertising, public relations and events. In order to help you appropriate these means, you will be coached in creative concept generation. You will also look at the different major product categories and at the different strategies for distribution that are practiced in the sector. This framework will allow you to develop an integrated vision of the strategic marketing plan and its operational implementation. You will analyze the digital tools that are available to communicate seamlessly but differently with consumers – across websites, mobile technology and social media – as well as the techniques and strategies for generating and tracking online engagement. You will be assessed regularly on individual and group projects, participation, and against the learning targets of each of the major assignments. By the end of the program, you will have acquired a holistic understanding of the role of marketing and branding in the fashion and luxury business, and of the different tools in the marketing mix that a brand can activate in order to reinforce its identity and increase its sales. Your Profile - RECENT GRADUATE You are interested in the fashion and luxury industry, with the ambition to start a marketing career in this dynamic and creative sector. - YOUNG PROFESSIONAL You are a young professional with between one and three years of working experience in any role within the fashion and luxury industry, or in a marketing-related role in another sector. In all cases, you are an ambitious, hardworking, motivated and open-minded individual. You are seeking an innovative and interactive learning experience that combines traditional classes, workshops and group projects, and visits and meetings with professionals in the sector. You Will Learn - To understand the difference between a retailer and a brand - To position a fashion/luxury brand within the creative and economic landscape - To develop a marketing plan that draws upon all the tools of the marketing mix - To create marketing communications content that speaks in a consistent voice across multiple platforms, both offline and online - To engage digital tools that enhance an integrated marketing plan - To stage events that showcase a brand and/or a specific product launch - To produce different profiles of current or potential customers using market research and data analysis - To generate creative concepts in group and individual brainstorming sessions - To identify specific roles within marketing management that matches your skills and interests Modules The Context Marketing The Consumer Digital Working Creatively Branding Public Relations & Events Personal and Professional Progress Working Smart [-]


Condé Nast Center of Fashion & Design China
Campus Full time 6 days November 2017 China Shanghai

This executive course has been designed for managers of international luxury brands that are focused on China. It will give you the keys to boosting your operations in China by looking at three perspectives: the brand, the consumer, and digital tools. [+]

BOOST YOUR LUXURY BUSINESS IN CHINA Mode: Executive Course Language: English Length: 30 hours (6 days) Date: 2015-11-13 to 2016-01-09 Tuition: 54,000RMB Application Fee: 200RMB Introduction This executive course has been designed for managers of international luxury brands that are focused on China. It will give you the keys to boosting your operations in China by looking at three perspectives: the brand, the consumer, and digital tools. Overview This executive education course consists of three sessions of two days each. Each session will include talks by consultants based in China and working with international brands, as well as keynotes from expert practitioners in the field. There will also be panel discussions and practical, hands-on workshops. It addresses three key questions from the point of view of an international luxury brand in China: WHAT What is the story of your brand, its identity and the emotional promise to the consumer? This session will help you to define or re-define your brand identity, and to tell a brand story consistently across multiple platforms that speaks to the Chinese consumer. WHO Who are you talking to? Who are your current and prospective clients? This session will give you an understanding of the evolution of the Chinese consumer, and help you to use market research and big data analysis to define the motivations and behaviors of different consumer profiles, including residents of third- and fourth-tier cities and wealthy international travellers. HOW How can you use digital tools to tell this story more often and more effectively? This session will show you how to enhance your digital strategy in order to harness the full potential of this market, including a more effective use of social media, and the challenges and opportunities of e-commerce in China. Your Profile You are a manager with operational responsibility for an international brand focused on China, for instance, country manager, marketing and communications manager, digital manager, retail manager. You Will Learn - To define your brand identity and tell its story in a consistent way across multiple platforms – including the product itself, advertising, visual merchandising, and events - To adapt your brand story so that it speaks to a Chinese consumer without distorting its DNA - To understand the evolution of the Chinese consumer and define a series of consumer profiles - To use big data analysis and market research best practices to create enriched consumer profiles - To adapt your digital marketing strategy for the highly-connected and innovative Chinese digital landscape - To define and create a presence on social media and in e-commerce that is appropriate to your brand and to the local market [-]

Short Course - Start up in the Chinese market

Istituto Marangoni
Campus Full time 3 weeks June 2017 China Shanghai

The course is aimed at those participants who want to deploy a market entry strategy for the Chinese market and to those who work in a company and support or are responsible for the definition of a strategy, which aims at entering, selling [+]

Course Studies in Fashion Marketing in Shanghai in China. The course is aimed at those participants who want to deploy a market entry strategy for the Chinese market and to those who work in a company and support or are responsible for the definition of a strategy, which aims at entering, selling, managing a company or creating a joint venture in China. The course is preparatory to help entrepreneurs who have already started or are starting up sales strategies to the Far East and to a manager in charge of the Chinese market: general manager, marketing director, area manager, business developer. Start up in the Chinese Market - Milan > 29/06/2015 - 10/07/2015 - Tuition only-fee € 2.900 - Full package € 4.000 Start up in the Chinese Market - Optional in Shanghai > 29/06/2015 - 17/07/2015 Full package € 6.200* *The Start Up in the Chinese Market - full package - with additional week in Shanghai includes also flight between Milano and Shanghai (one-way flight) plus transfers from/to the city center. Flight is on fixed dates, on selected airlines and will be communicated at the time of the enrollment by the admission office. The start of the course will be in Milano. Course themes week 1 Milan The focus of the first week will be on the concept of intercultural management. Participants will carry out commercial negotiation, mastering persuasive and negotiation skills with regards to their chinese “counterpart”. They will develop a sociological reading of the workings and effects of the global fashion system. Case studies will be explored using a variety of examples from theory to investigate the potential for inquiry to bring to light current fashion practices. week 2 Milan During the second week, the course will focus on the analysis of the Chinese company context from the 80s to the present, in order to understand how to delocalize and internationalize a business in China. An analysis of the current fields in which companies have to compete will be made, from visual merchandising to distribution. Participants will also be given a brief introduction to the history of Chinese law and company law. An analysis of company agreements will be made with specific reference to the Chinese market. week 3 – Optional in Shanghai Participants will have the chance to meet the protagonists of the local fashion and retail industry by visiting the showrooms of Chinese brands and understand the design and production realities of the Shanghai fashion industry. Local and international professionals will present the challenges and issues of brand development in the Chinese market. [-]

Master in Fashion & Law

Istituto Marangoni
Campus Full time 8 months

Aimed at candidates who have previous undergraduate study in law, economics or marketing. Those who have proven work experience in these fields may also access this course. [+]

Master in Fashion & Law the course Aimed at candidates who have previous undergraduate study in law, economics or marketing. Those who have proven work experience in these fields may also access this course. The global activity of the majority of the luxury brands, requires that they are knowledgeable of legal requirements in relation to fashion business. Through the study of subjects such as licensing, merchandising, import & export, distribution and franchising agreements, intellectual property rights, employment and labour relation issues, safety, sustainability and consumer protection issues, participants will learn the technical and theoretical concepts they need to advise and develop company strategy. By analysing different aspects of commercial and corporate law, intellectual property law, trademark law, labour law and business law, participants will understand how it is possible to expand the brand, ensuring that legal and ethical issues are fully respected. The emphasis of the course is on the knowledge of aspects related to the development of the supply chain and sale of the fashion product, evaluated in a comparative manner in different countries. Creativity, production, sales and promotion take place in different locations around the world, and the laws on these matters are as diverse as the countries themselves. Participants will engage with various issues, highlighting innovative solutions that the luxury and fashion brands have applied in the field. opportunities The responsibility of the future fashion manager is to be aware of the sustainability of businesses and the ethical issues that are protected more and more by law. Customer awareness also means that the consumer is attentive the products being delivered on the market and their role in ensuring the product is fit for market. The professional growth of graduates in the course will come through the company where they are currently practicing, and are able to bring what they learn in the course to enrich their own performance within a legal firm; newly-acquired knowledge from the world of fashion will inform their skills in the field. The participants will also be able to inform start- ups in luxury fashion that will contribute important improvements to the field of fashion law. learning outcomes appraise the concept of creativity applied to fashion and luxury products and evaluate how companies manage product design, manufacturing processes, commercialization and promotion options in a sustainable way; research and evaluate case studies where the development of an ethical approach to the market has increased brand value; understand the concept of luxury in the global luxury goods market and critically analyse the different luxury business models and growth strategies suitable for mature and/or emerging luxury goods markets; critically analyse fashion-specific legal advice to meet the challenges of issues facing fashion companies in international contexts; evaluate a range of sociological fashion theories in order to analyse key developments within the history of fashion in the 20th and 21st centuries and their relationship to contemporary trends, cultural movements, and innovation. course themes fashion law and finance fashion marketing management ethics and sustainability contemporary issues in fashion fashion licensing research methods [-]

Sandwich Course included in BA (Hons) Degree

Istituto Marangoni
Campus Full time 8 months

Helping students to enter in the fashion work environment is a key factor to link their knowledge of purely academic concepts to a real world context. The first two [+]

Course Studies in Fashion Marketing in Shanghai in China. The Course Placing students in the work environment is a key factor in enabling them to marry their knowledge of purely academic concepts to a real world context. The sandwich course is a course where the first two years of study in fashion design, fashion business and fashion styling, are followed by a third year of work in a fashion firm, after which students return to the school to complete the fourth and final year of study. the work period involves a minimum of 36 weeks in a company in the fashion industry, working in close contact with professionals of the industry. at the end of the 36 weeks, in addition to a better knowledge of the working environment, students will gain a reference from the work provider, which together add value to their training. All this provides to those students who choose a sandwich course with a cv that already includes work experience with a company in the industry and give them the opportunity to start building a professional network. *Students who successfully complete the programmes taught in english in paris and london will be awarded with a ba (hons) degree by MMU (manchester metropolitan university); 120 credits points are available each year of study in order to gain an honours degree, so students will obtain 360 credits upon successful completion of the three-years course. All candidates should meet specific requirements (please check the website indicating your nationality and study level); for further details please do not hesitate to contact the information office at the chosen campus. [-]

Course in Fashion Business & Brand Management Intensive

Istituto Marangoni
Campus Full time 8 months

Every fashion market has its own identity and rules, and not all promotional and sales techniques work at each level. When luxury is the game, the rules of the fashion business come into play. [+]

The Course The course of fashion business & brand management gives the students knowledge of the techniques and the methods used for the sales, promotion and the buying of luxury products. Simulated projects will allow students to use the business instruments and understand their application for complex fashion industry. Particular attention will be dedicated to business strategy, in such a way as to have a complete view of the variations and of the results obtained in different targets groups. The fashion business management professional is a key figure for fashion companies, within which they determine the best strategies to optimize economic, distribution and production aspects of the brand. Choosing the collection, determine the target and price bracket, understand the landscape, the competitors and the protection of the development of designs and plan actions for promotion and distribution channels, in collaboration with the design teams, production and sales, are just some of the responsibilities. The expert in fashion business management trained in the fashion and design school, Istituto Marangoni will be able to work in companies, consulting agencies, in related sectors, such as fashion, luxury and lifestyle. The graduate can apply their knowledge and abilities acquired during the course in the fields of marketing, advertising, communications, event planning, brand management, retail sales, visual merchandising, e-commerce and in the research of new trends. Learning Outcomes master the knowledge useful for identifying marketing strategies applied to fashion and luxury agencies with an international outlook; identify the processes linked to the fashion and luxury industries that work in the system of production; identify the legal aspects and the economic impact on the performance of a company through an economic analysis; evaluate the development of a product from design to the planning of a fashion collection; implement the communication aspects connected to the advertising campaign for product growth and a greater brand reputation; organize, manage and develop a retail sales network in reference to a particular target market; Course Themes the business of fashion fashion business management markets and the marketing of fashion management of fashion production management of retail sales fashion promotion [-]

Fashion Business

Istituto Marangoni
Campus Full time 3 weeks

Istituto Marangoni gives you the opportunity to study at Europe’s top fashion and design school. We welcome students from all over the world. In just few weeks the students, wherever they come [+]

Course Studies in Fashion Marketing in Shanghai in China. The Course Studying the positioning of a collection and of a brand, developing management skills for a fashion business plan, analysing competitors scenario, understanding the luxury brands structure and developing selling capacity: these are some of the important tools participants will study during this course. Course Themes week 1 Analysis of economic and social trends: understanding economic and social evolution and how this influences fashion consumption. The new markets and how fashion can evolve in them through expansion strategies: new brands, luxury brands and distribution chain stores. Analysis and comparison of styles. week 2 Analysis of fashion: textiles, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, eyewear and jewellery. Participants will look at critical factors defining the success of some italian leading brands such as prada, gucci, dolce & gabbana, including commercial international distribution chain stores such as, zara, h&m and sportswear chain stores like nike. They will create a winning placement of their product through the definition and analysis of competitors. week 3 The product: life cycle, function and definition of price points. Integrated communication: brand identity, brand image and brand equity. Distribution: the different distribution channels, evolution and future developments. Licensing and the importance of branding: rules, benefits and risks. Portfolio definition and final assessment. [-]