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Climbing the ladder in any organization involves management training and experience, and many individuals seek to further their careers through a course in executive management. This type of course can be taken on its own or as a part of a degree program.

What is a course in executive management? It is an educational unit designed to offer continuing professional development. Courses vary, but may cover topics such as balancing the books or overcoming common business issues. Management skills such as leadership, communication and critical thinking are often the focus of classes.

A course in executive management typically furthers an individual’s educational or career goals by providing college credits or professional training toward a degree or certificate. In most cases, experience alone is not enough to ensure a management position, and supplemental courses such as these make advancement more likely.

Every educational institution sets its own fee and tuition schedules, so it is difficult to predict the cost of a course in executive management. Not only that, a course might consist of a one-day seminar, or it might last a whole college semester. These variables make it essential for students to thoroughly research their opportunities before taking the next step toward registration.

People who take management classes develop negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills that prepare them for a wide variety of career options. Health care, education, military and non-profit organizations all require experienced and knowledgeable managers, making this type of course an important foundational key to advancing any career. Many courses offer the opportunity for networking and feedback from peers and professionals that can be beneficial in the workplace.

The good news about online courses in executive management is that they provide flexibility for those who are already in the workforce. Another benefit is the ability to choose from universities and learning institutions around the world. Anyone who is ready to start a course can begin right away. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Executive Development Program

University of Washington Foster School of Business
Campus Part time 9 months September 2019 USA Seattle South Korea Seoul San Francisco + 3 more

Refresh and expand your business acumen without missing a step on the job. Executive Development Program examines fundamental management topics in a nine-month format that focuses on practical business applications. [+]

The Executive Development Program (formerly The Management Program) at the Michael G. Foster School of Business explores each facet of business enterprise from an executive's top-level view. Taught by the University of Washington's nationally ranked Foster School of Business faculty, the Executive Development Program examines fundamental management topics in a nine-month format that focuses on practical business applications.

Program Overview

Created for busy senior managers and executives, the Executive Development Program, formerly The Management Program, is a nine-month, part-time certificate program. The program covers essential business subjects, including finance, accounting, economics, marketing, international business, operations, leadership and strategy.... [-]

Customized Programs

University of Tulsa College of Business Administration
Campus Part time September 2019 USA Tulsa Toledo

Your Business Resource for Corporate Training. [+]

Your Business Resource for Corporate Training

Your Place or Ours?

Are you a manager looking for the keys to effective leadership? Need training in financial analysis? Or, want to learn more about current workplace trends and how to deal with conflict? The Center for Executive and Professional Development is your resource for public classes and corporate in-house training. We'll be happy to host you on campus, or we can bring the program and instructor to your company's location.

Customized Programs to Meet Your Needs

We can save you time and money by customizing the curriculum to meet your business goals. Want to take a look at your competitor's marketing, analyze their financial statements, or develop a strategic plan to give your company the competitive edge? We can develop a program that matches needs at the various levels in your organization - from upper management to new hires. And that's exactly why we are here.... [-]