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Event Planning

Many reputable international universities and other educational institutions offer the opportunity for greater personal development via law courses. These courses discuss current issues and trends involved in such fields as intellectual property and regulatory theory.

Every event is different and involves its own range of special services and details. The field of Fashion Event Planning manages all of these diverse details -- from planning to coordination to implementation -- resulting in customized and well-received fashion events.

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Specialist In The Design And Production Of Shows, EDPE

ESODE Business School
Campus or Online Part time Open Enrollment Spain Madrid

Specialist in Design and Production Shows, EDPE, offers students the necessary knowledge and techniques in the production of shows to develop them and manage them from start to finish. [+]

Best Part time Course Studies in Event Planning 2017. guaranteed and paid internships The program Specialist in design and production of shows, EDPE, It provides students with the knowledge and skills to develop and manage all kinds of shows techniques. OBJECTIVES The program provides students with an overview of the theoretical foundations of the training program, together with practical experience of leading professionals. Develops the necessary skills in the various roles and responsibilities related to audiovisual production, from the creation, production, management and marketing of all kinds of entertainment: concerts, galas, theater, music tours, macro-events, etc., to provide students with the necessary tools for this. * ESODE reserves the right to cancel the celebration of the training program does not meet the minimum number of students established. ADDRESSED TO Graduates or college graduates Students who have completed their studies Vocational Training (FP). Professionals and workers in the world of audiovisual communication, entertainment, leisure and culture who want to upgrade, expand and deepen their knowledge and entrepreneurs willing to be recycled in this emerging industry sector. * When a degree does not have to be certified at least 1 year of work experience. MODULES AGENDA 1. Introduction to the audiovisual sector and the events in February. Business organization in March. Marketing and communication in four events. Personal skills 5. Technical means 6. Business protocol in July. 8 legislative environment. Design, management and presentation of the show: pre-production in September. Production process and realiazción 10. Post-production METHODOLOGY AND METHOD Specialist in Design... [-]

Fashion design - Collection building - Spring Semester

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Milan
Campus 15 weeks February 2018 Italy Milan

Fall semester - The IED Milan Fashion Design – Collection Building semester offers students the possibility to refine and utilize high-level technical and methodological skills in the completion of completed personal designs in menswear, womenswear and knitwear. Completion of this program can facilitate further study or professional opportunities in the multifaceted fashion industry. [+]

THIS PROGRAM IS TAUGHT IN ENGLISH Focuses on the acquisition and development of design, knitting and tailoring techniques as well as an in-depth study of textiles in order to complete a “creative” collection project in menswear, womenswear and knitwear. The semester is divided between practical courses covering technique and form such as drawing, knitwear, tailoring, materials and patternmaking and individual modules for the specific collection projects. This program is intended for those with basic knowledge and skills in fashion design, good freehand drawing skills and mastery of Photoshop and Illustrator. The “project work” semester is structured around courses that introduce the Italian design system, understanding company and marketing dynamics, analyzing current trends in interior design in terms of language, and understanding form and materials. Students will use their analytical skills and theoretical knowledge to develop and complete a hands-on design project as a final semester work. The IED approach offers students the unique opportunity to work directly with industry professionals as part of their academic experience and professional development thanks to long-standing relationships with Italian fashion and design industry leaders. This semester program is open to current students, graduates and professionals seeking to define or acquire new skills and perspective. IED is able to provide further information regarding course content, facilities and faculty upon request. IED facilitates students spending a semester or academic year abroad by facilitating credit transfer in collaboration with the student’s home institution. [-]