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There are hundreds of nationally recognized Professional qualifications & training courses from the worlds leading education providers. Course objectives should lead to teaching methods and student interest.

If you want to be your own boss but don’t know where to start, a degree in entrepreneurship could be the way to go. A master's of entrepreneurship will give you the skills you need to make and run your own business.

Germany is a great destination for international scholarsand has a high quality higher education system. The value of this level of education has been improved by the Germany's strong economy. Foreign students enjoy excellent living standards in a secure and safe surroundings. Berlin is the capital.

Berlin is a region that has the status of both a city and a state. It is the capital and the largest city in Germany and home to more than 3 million residents. This is a German city that is home to renowned educational establishments of higher learning.

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Startup Crash Course: From Idea to Reality

TU Berlin Summer & Winter University
Campus Full time 4 weeks January 2017 Germany Berlin

Startup launch, Business plan implementation, entrepreneurship in Berlin. [+]

Course Studies in Entrepreneurship in Berlin in Germany. January 3rd to 27th, 2017 Course price: 1.850 Euros 18 hours of class sessions per week, 5 ECTS credit points Topic Startup launch, Business plan implementation, entrepreneurship in Berlin. Target group Anyone who: wants to launch a startup and has an idea already, but doesn’t know where to start; wants to know more about the dynamics of entrepreneurship in order to decide whether he/she would like to become involved in the startup scene; wants to develop his/her skills in business planning. Learning Goal/Output To be able to form a business plan; To know which steps to undertake in order to launch a business; To be aware of entrepreneurial dynamics and the startup scene structure. Course Components Lectures, case studies, interaction with real players, field trips to startup centers, writing a business plan. There will be 18 hours of class sessions per week. Short Description This course is intended to offer real knowledge of how to go about launching a startup. It will have three main parts: the structured approach, communication and real-time experimentation. The structured approach will be given through lectures and serve as a compass. Communication will come from interaction with startup scene members and on-site visits. Real-time experiment will consist of writing a business plan and scheduling the next steps. Those who develop a successful business plan may be put in contact with Berlin business incubators. Prerequisites The general prerequisites of the TU Berlin Summer University are: at least one year of university experience + English level B2 or equivalent. Lecturer(s) Daria Markova, MBA and MA in Economics, Project leader / Coordinator of the Summer School Daria Markova is active member of the Berlin startup scene. She started her career in the corporate world, later moved to business and community development roles in entrepreneurial projects. Now she is a co-founder of a coworking space in West Berlin. Her main goal is to enable you to bring your ideas into life. [-]

Summer programme in Digital Entrepreneurship

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full time 2 weeks October 2017 Germany Berlin

The course provides knowledge of the basic methods, principles and procedures to create and manage cross media projects as well as online companies. [+]

This summer school gives participants an insight in the world of digital entrepreneurship and the exciting opportunities of the media and web 2.0 industries. The content is aimed at providing the skills required from a management point of view but also to gain professional technical skills required producing digital media. Exam: written exam (in case you need a transcript of records) Date: July 28- August 8, 2014 [-]

Certificate in Innovation, Design Thinking & Intrapreneurship

Grenoble Ecole de Management
Campus Full time 3 weeks

Enhance your business education and experience life in a new and challenging environment. [+]


The Certificate in Innovation Design Thinking & Intrapreneurship is a three-week course designed for managers of technology-based and service companies willing to take leadership in innovation and initiate change.

The modular structure of the program is designed so that the tracks can be followed independently or in a block, allowing participants to fully benefit from the complete training if they attend the 3 weeks.

Innovation Management: 23-27 May 2016 Design Thinking: 30 May – 3 June 2016 Intrapreneurship: 6-10 June 2016 Profile of Participants

Managers and professionals who need an executive course to acquire necessary knowledge and tools for a step forward in their career.... [-]