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A course refers to a specialized study program. It usually takes place on campus but can be delivered online. Courses are popular for people who want to get specific knowledge in one subject.

Broadly speaking, the field of engineering involves taking empirical evidence, mathematics and knowledge of global systems and using them to create and maintain everything from structures to individual components to whole processes. However, many specializations also exist.


Higher education in Colombia is done in the five common international languages namely English, French, Spanish Portuguese and Chinese. This has eliminated the issue of language barriers in these higher education institutions among other international students.

Bogota has diverse system of universities and colleges. The students who come or choose to study here have a wide choice of options on which institutions to join. All the institutions are of high quality though; it’s just choosing on which part of the city you want to study.

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Undergraduate Course -Systems Engineering

EAN University
Campus Full-time January 2020 Colombia Bogotá

COMPETENCIES TO BE DEVELOPED BY THE STUDENT: Understand and manage the impact of Systems Engineering with the purpose of solving problems within a social and global context.

Undergraduate Course - Manufacturing Engineering

EAN University
Online January 2020 Colombia Bogotá

The Manufacturing Engineering virtual academic program is the first virtual academic program offered in Colombia. It aims at training enterprising professionals with knowledge in planning