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A course is a specialized path of study created for professional and personal development. Courses are generally available to high school graduates and are shorter in length than other programs, making it possible for students to quickly enter the workforce. Courses can last anywhere from a few days to several months.

What is a course in energy in Brazil? This program teaches students the fundamentals of alternative energy. Students learn about renewable energy sources including biomass. The curriculum usually includes new technologies for the development and storage of energy, power systems and automation control, efficient energy use, environmental sustainability and new innovations. Methods include a balanced approach with hands-on opportunities to optimize learning and increase transferrable skills.

An energy course in Brazil gives students the opportunity to be part of the growing field of alternative energy. You will learn the skills necessary to get a job in a competitive market. Not only will you be helping to create a better world, you will be entering a prosperous industry that is the future of energy production, ensuring a career in a stable field.

The cost of taking an energy course will vary by institution and programs available. To make sure that you find the program that matches your needs, research available courses and educational institutions.

After the completion of a course in energy in Brazil, learners can expect to be employed in the renewable energy industry in the fields of solar manufacturing, wind power development, geothermal energy, sustainable bioenergy, smart-grid technologies and green building design services. The course will provide the skills necessary for entry level positions, including logistics manager, technician, quality insurance manager, production planner, plant administrator, program manager and manufacturing supervisor.

Energy courses are available in several formats and with flexible options to fit the needs of working professionals. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Courses Alternative Energy

Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
Campus Full time March 2019 Brazil São Paulo

This theme will bring the most updated and relevant issues regarding Brazilian research in energy obtained by biomass


This theme will bring the most updated and relevant issues regarding Brazilian research in energy obtained by biomass and other renewable sources. Choosing this theme, the students will study topics like technological development related to energy storage by using smart materials, automation and control of power systems, efficiency in energy use, technological innovation for alternative energies, with special attention to those that demonstrate greater environmental sustainability.


- Agro-Forestry Biomass Technology Production - Biocatalysts: Nature Insights into Sustainable Technologies - Design of Experiments and Robust Design Applied to Renewable and Alternative Energy - Electric Power Quality in Distribution Networks with Renewable Energy - Fuel Cells - Geotechnologies Applied to Energy - Renewable Energy Sources in Microgrids - The Brazilian Electrical Power System: Opportunities for Energy Conservation - Thermal Systems Optimization - Utilization of Agrowastes for the Production of Energy and New Materials... [-]