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From smartphones to gaming consoles to productivity systems to digital media, digital technology specialists are behind their design and creation. These professionals may choose to focus on programming and software, user interfaces, networks and data transmission, hardware or other functionalities in this field.

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Campus Universitario Europeo

This program serves to develop training in companies managing resources, grants and applying valid tools for development. Along the agenda you'll learn how to apply for g ... [+]

A TARGET AUDIENCE - Graduates - Graduates - Those interested in becoming technical training

REQUIREMENTS To perform the enrollment must meet one of the following requirements: - Diploma or licensed. - Technical DEGREE RECEIVED Titration it is private, is obtained after submitting and approving case studies of all evaluable program areas. The student will receive the following qualifications issued by the European University Campus: Technician in E-learning

THE CAMPUS The European University Campus, is an organization working to achieve high quality training aims undoubtedly bring an accessible training and accessible to anyone interested in forming a Campus elite, one of the most prestigious in Europe, in terms of continuous training is concerned. With different specialties covering different areas of education, our Private Campus, offering own qualifications at the European University Campus, but out of topic, Campus privately with prohibitive prices. Achieving scientific, cultural, social and economic development; and research and professional and according to the legislation regarding continuing education training. Within our end, the Campus is intended as a human tool education, and as such, we have become accessible to the entire student population and professional. Students around the world pursuing us with a high degree of satisfaction, we have achieved unifying the high quality we, accessibility, Prices nearby, humane treatment, all with one goal: to be the Campus European Reference achieving highly trained professionals from Europe anywhere in the world.... [-]

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September 2019