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With the growth of digital media, design jobs are in high demand. If you are good with technology and have an eye for designs, masters program in design could be for you.

Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, or Hellas as called from ancient times, is a country in Southeast Europe. According to the 2011 census, Greece's population is around 11 million.

Athens is renowned for being one of the oldest cities in the world and Greece. It is the largest in regards to population and size making it the country’s capital and hosts numerous higher learning institutions and universities.

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Sound Tectonics Workshop Athens

Space Under
Campus Full time 1 week September 2017 Greece Athens

Space Under organizes international cross cultural conventions, workshops, and collaborative projects to address and reinforce points of intersection between creative [+]

Sound Tectonics Workshop AthensSpace Under organizes international cross cultural conventions, workshops, and collaborative projects to address and reinforce points of intersection between creative fields. This year, Space Under runs the 1st Interdisciplinary workshop under the title SoundTectonics, inviting different experts from various professional backgrounds to collaborate. The workshop will take place at The British Hellenic College, Athens, Greece.The research will focus on the relationship between sound art and architecture; how could we redefine the boundaries of architecture, using sound as a medium to identify public and private space, aesthetics and architectural action. The city of Athens has an exceptionally inert public space that fails to become a functional communicative and networking system for its inhabitants. From 17 – 24 November 2013, the workshop will explore the potential ofactivating public space through the strengthening of the collaborative capabilities of the inhabitant but also ways to redefine our spatial perception through our visual and acoustic environment.The workshop will give participants the opportunity to explore different ways to deal with sound as an analytical tool via experimental proposals. The new, easy and affordabletechnologies producing computer-based interactive environments, have recently become the point of interest in various fields and moreover in architecture. We will therefore get towork on methods on how to response to such technologies as tools for connecting different practices, which can enable the transmission of urban scale to the scale of an interactive construction.Major Workshop Features- Collaboration with an renowned group of artists and architects from Spain, Great Britain, USA and Greece.- Participants will join an active learning environment, which enables one-to-one teaching, seminars and discussions.- Lectures and the round table offer a wide range of different approaches towards interdisciplinary production.- The presentation of design techniques and methodologies promote critical thinking through lectures and studio workshops.- Analysis on hardware and software such as processing, arduino, super collider and field recording.- Analysis of kinetic models as structures with interactive features.- A collaborative and educational model, which promotes research-based theoretical training, interactive design and 1:1 construction.... [-]