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Courses are classes designed to give students instruction in specific areas of study. Institutions of higher learning typically offer classes with explicitly stated admission requirements and course durations ranging from a few days to several months.

What are courses in decorative arts? The decorative arts field generally encompasses works of art that are both pleasing to the eye and serve a purpose, so courses tend to focus on aesthetics as well as practical techniques. Classes can cover a variety of mediums and topics, including glass craftsmanship, wall art, decorative shelving, functional pieces, and tapestry.

Students of the decorative arts often gain several marketable skills, including problem solving, aesthetics, and an eye for functional design. Problem solving helps individuals meet the practical needs of their art, and general aesthetic and functional design skills ensure a balance of beauty and efficiency.

The cost to take a course in decorative arts depends on many factors. Hands-on courses requiring more materials could cost more, while short courses in art theory may carry a lower price tag.

Far from embodying the stereotype of the “starving artist,” many students of the creative arts go on to have lucrative careers. Graduates of decorative arts courses may find work as interior designers, wall-art appraisers, museum curators, auctioneers, and more. These individuals may also wish to pursue careers as teachers of higher education in order to pass on their art knowledge for even more impact. Decorative artists often excel as cultural art historians and gallery assistants. They may be suited to managerial positions as well.

A wide range of schools across the globe offer courses in decorative arts. Students can benefit from hands-on instruction in the classroom, but schools may also offer online courses for increased flexibility. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Campus Part-time 2 years September 2020 France Nice

The designer is the person that you take to restructure a space or place to live. It should be next to an open and creative mind. Its mission is to enhance the identity of the place and beautify the space.

Glass Art Course

Accademia Riaci
Campus Part-time 2 - 12 weeks October 2019 Italy Florence

Stained-glass work seen in many churches in Italy continued to enchant people. You will make this stained glass art directly from local artists. It is possible to make all forms of stained glass work, such as wall decoration, lamp, stand-cover, jewelry box, mirror decorated with stained glass, depending on the length of your participation in these classes. we will instruct you from the beginning, especially for those who never had previous experiences.

Glass Workshop - Building Skills for the Advanced Glass Artist Course

Kensington and Chelsea College
Campus Part-time 8 - 10 weeks Request Info United Kingdom London

This course aims to extend techniques and develop personal work and visual identity through individual guidance and support. It is suitable for those who have completed a full time level 3 course or have advanced making skills. Students pay for glass used and a studio fee.

Course: Glass Workshop

Kensington and Chelsea College
Campus Part-time 8 - 10 weeks Request Info United Kingdom London

Extend your skills or learn to make ‘fused’ and ‘slumped’ kiln formed glass items in the kiln, as well as the traditional techniques of copper foiling and stained glass. All levels welcome.

Course in Interior Design and Decoration

International Career Institute
Online Full-time Part-time Open Enrollment United Kingdom London

ICI gives you the opportunity to learn interior decoration and design conveniently and quickly. More importantly, you will learn all the skills needed to become successful in the field since our course is developed with acclaimed professionals in the industry.