Top Courses in Creative Arts

Courses are typically single-subject paths of study that can serve a variety of purposes, from preparing a student for a degree program to developing career skills. They can range in length from a few days to more than a year. Students often qualify with a high school diploma or equivalent work experience. A university or college may determine other prerequisites.

An individual who is artistically inclined or interested in exploring art further more may wonder, what are courses in creative arts? Each course focuses on any one of a variety of techniques, including sculpture, weaving, ceramics, pottery, and artifact restoration. Students could learn how to create art using hands-on approaches or study the theories behind using various mediums. Skill levels can vary, with courses specifying beginner or advanced.

Creative arts students tend to learn technical skills, adaptability, and the art of presentation. With new techniques, artists may find a larger audience for their art, and adaptability can allow them to either follow trends or set their own. Having skill in presentation helps artists effectively display or sell their work.

The price of an individual course in creative arts can differ depending on where the school is located and the duration of the course. Students may also need to pay materials fees, which will vary based on the subject of the class.

Graduates of creative arts courses often find their artistic careers buoyed by their newfound knowledge. Popular careers include fine artist, independent business owner, and designer for a particular market, such as jewelry. Quality photographers may find a ready market in businesses looking to enhance their websites or walls. Individuals could also find employment as museum curators, book illustrators, or art teachers.

The creative arts often benefit from in-person, hands-on courses, but this isn’t always the case. There may be online options available. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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British Culture for the Jewellery Industry

British Academy of Jewellery
Campus 1 week Request Info United Kingdom London

During this course, you will be introduced to London’s vibrant Jewellery Industry and the wealth of cultural resources available to you in the city. The course will take place in part at the BAJ where you will be immersed in the workshops surrounded by tools and materials used to create jewelry and in part out and about on organized walks and tours to a variety of museums and cultural organizations.

Wax Carving Practice and Casting Theory

British Academy of Jewellery
Campus Full-time 1 week Request Info United Kingdom London

During this course in wax carving practice and casting theory for jewelry, you will be introduced to a range of carving techniques and casting knowledge. You will gain first-hand experience of wax carving as applied by jewelers and will be supported with the creation of a bracelet link suitable for casting.

Ceramics Course

Accademia Riaci
Campus Part-time 2 - 12 weeks October 2019 Italy Florence

You will learn simple hand twisting technique to creating ceramics using terra cotta. Please experience the feel of Italian clay.

Restoration of Archeological Artefacts, Ceramics and Glass

Palazzo Spinelli Group
Campus Full-time 3 years Request Info Italy Florence

The course issues the qualification of Technician in Restoration of Cultural Heritage (Collaborator Restorer) in the sector of restoration of ceramics and glass. Over 60% of the three-year programme is practical work.

Course in Throwing Masterclass

Kensington and Chelsea College
Campus Part-time 8 weeks Request Info United Kingdom London

This 8 week course is ideal for students who wish to improve their throwing skills, ideally for students with some experience, although beginners will be accommodated. As a small group with a maximum of up to 6 students you will receive focused tuition.

Ceramic Workshop

Kensington and Chelsea College
Campus Part-time 8 - 10 weeks Request Info United Kingdom London

Learn to design, make and decorate ceramics using a variety of techniques. Mixed level classes, beginners welcome.

Ceramics and Pottery – Building Skills for the Advanced Potter

Kensington and Chelsea College
Campus Part-time 8 - 10 weeks Request Info United Kingdom London

This course aims to extend techniques and develop personal work and visual identity through individual guidance and support. It is suitable for those who have completed a full time level 3 course or have advanced making skills. Students pay for clay used and a studio fee.

Course on Creative Collaborative Processes - new

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Rio de Janeiro
Campus Part-time 3 months Request Info Brazil Rio de Janeiro

The "Collaborative Creative Processes" course seeks to free the public from pre-established concepts in relation to creativity by presenting possibilities for thinking, while encouraging the breakdown of the main creative barriers using a variety of tools in a practical workshop.

Creative Arts Summer School (13 - 14 Years & 14-16 Years)

Arts University Bournemouth - Summer Courses
Campus Part-time 2 weeks Request Info United Kingdom Bournemouth

This course has been specifically designed for young students who have a keen interest in art, design and media who wish to develop their artistic talents. Over two weeks, the summer school delivers an exciting hands-on course, that combines creative teaching with stimulating workshops and practical sessions so that students can explore creative pathways and develop skills for their future. You will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of arts subjects, giving you the chance to explore your own creative style and your understanding of the creative process, from idea development to finished piece.