Courses in Ceramics

Higher education courses are typically taught on an individual subject. They can last a few weeks, a complete semester or a whole academic year. A course may be specific to a major or taught independently.

What are courses in ceramics? These are classes offered at many skill levels that explore ceramic production methods and techniques. Subjects studied can include materials, glazes and firings. Students can also explore techniques such as molding, extruding, pressing and jiggering. Individuals may learn the skills needed to create their own pieces of artwork. Other courses might cover topics such as art history or sculpture. Some classes may include wheel throwing, hand construction, clay chemistry and pottery equipment.

Many students who complete courses in ceramics develop skills in creativity and imagination. They may also strengthen their communication skills. Developing all of these abilities can help one succeed in a variety of settings due to one’s ability to innovate and think up unique solutions to problems as well as express them.

Because courses vary greatly according to the university at which they are offered, there is no standard cost of enrollment. After thorough research, prospective students should contact the institution offering the course they wish to take. The office of admission can provide specific pricing information.

Courses in ceramics may prepare students for positions as industrial designers, multimedia artists, animators and other creative professions. Many individuals dream of pursuing careers as independent artists and selling their pieces on commission or through art galleries. Students may also be able to earn a living or supplement their passion by working as a ceramics instructor part-time or full-time.

Some ceramics courses may be offered online. However, because ceramics requires a lot of hands-on learning, many courses are only available in a more traditional setting. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Ceramics Course

Accademia Riaci
Campus Part-time 2 - 12 weeks October 2020 Italy Florence

You will learn simple hand twisting technique to creating ceramics using terra cotta. Please experience the feel of Italian clay.

Restoration of Archeological Artefacts, Ceramics and Glass

Palazzo Spinelli Group
Campus Full-time 3 years Request Info Italy Florence

The course issues the qualification of Technician in Restoration of Cultural Heritage (Collaborator Restorer) in the sector of restoration of ceramics and glass. Over 60% of the three-year programme is practical work.

Course in Throwing Masterclass

Kensington and Chelsea College
Campus Part-time 8 weeks Request Info United Kingdom London

This 8 week course is ideal for students who wish to improve their throwing skills, ideally for students with some experience, although beginners will be accommodated. As a small group with a maximum of up to 6 students you will receive focused tuition.

Ceramic Workshop

Kensington and Chelsea College
Campus Part-time 8 - 10 weeks Request Info United Kingdom London

Learn to design, make and decorate ceramics using a variety of techniques. Mixed level classes, beginners welcome.

Ceramics and Pottery – Building Skills for the Advanced Potter

Kensington and Chelsea College
Campus Part-time 8 - 10 weeks Request Info United Kingdom London

This course aims to extend techniques and develop personal work and visual identity through individual guidance and support. It is suitable for those who have completed a full time level 3 course or have advanced making skills. Students pay for clay used and a studio fee.