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The Middle East is the birthplace of several current major religions and influential empires from millennia past. Scholars and graduates get the benefit of immersing themselves in these cultures and gaining a deeper understanding of one of the world’s most vibrant regions.

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Masterclass Gold

Management Development Centre International
Campus Full time 8 days September 2017 Oman Muscat Kuwait Kuwait City Qatar Doha Saudi Arabia Riyadh Bahrain Manama + 8 more

In today’s fast paced business world an MBA is seen as the pinnacle of learning for many executives from both the private and public sectors [+]

Course Studies in Business Management in Middle East 2017. This new Executive Development Programme is designed to provide business master’s degree level holders like an MBA or a similar level professional qualification, with regular updates. These updates will help maintain and develop their knowledge with important recent developments in the fast paced business environment. Masterclass Platinum is offered as a 4 day open training programme for suitably qualified delegates but can be offered on a bespoke basis for employers who have a number of potential candidates in house. Subjects will change from time to time in response to latest developments in international business and management. The Process The Programme comprises eight one-day modules. The 8 days mini-MBA is generalist in nature and will take you through the following modules, all relevant to today’s business and organisational environment, including: In week 1 1. Strategic Human Resource Management 2. Leading Teams in a Changing World 3. Management Decision-making 4. Effective Negotiating In week 2 5. Business Strategy 6. Project and Programme Management 7. Effective Marketing Accreditation MDCI is currently working towards partnership and therefore certification of both programmes by the Leicester Castle Business School, De Montford University, UK. [-]